Sony and Marvel have made peace over Spider-Man

According to Yahoo entertainment (and I’m sure many other media outlets) It looks as though Sony and Marvel have made peace with Spider-Man and the web-head will be back in the MCU soon.

Just wanted to get this out there. Here is a link with the story.

(Tony/Poyo by all means remove the link if you don’t want it on here)

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According to Screenrant the next Spider-man movie is due 2021. Marvel will get 25% of the proceeds but will pay 100% of the production costs

Maybe next on the list they can get together on a Venom/Hulk movie since the comic combining them next week is getting insane prices already.

Absolute Carnage Immorta Hulk #1 - eBay Sold Listings

Maybe Sony went and read the internet and realized how many people were saying they weren’t going to watch the next Spider-Man movie now… :wink:

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Absolute Carnage 3 is the 1st Venom/Hulk appearance. Absolute Carnage Immortal Hulk #1 is not.

Why would people pay these prices?? I agree, serious FOMO.

Yeah, I like some of the ratio covers but not paying those prices. Very good chance six months from now most if not all of them will be quite a bit lower than what people are paying now. If people really want a first Immoral Hulk cover and interior Absolute Carnage #3 Young Guns is it! There have also been Hulk/Venomized covers in the past and What if #4 have been around for a while, but first “true” Immortal Hulk/Venom is AC #3.

Absolute Carnage #3 Young Guns Variant is the one to own for sure.

First appearance + First Cover = Best One To Own!

Yeah the young gun variant can be found for $8 to $12. Plenty of room to grow. Do you know the print run on that?

We’ll likely never know the actual number. It’ll get mixed in with the total print run and I think it was open order for this variant.

It would have to be a Marvel, Universal, Sony picture for Venom Hulk.

I’m still confused on where Universal falls in the mix. I thought it was only if Hulk’s name appears on the movie title that they get distribution rights? Apparently they have no control over TV usage based on the upcoming She-Hulk series and we know Sony has no say over the tv usage so it looks like a well made for tv movie or limited series could end run them both at the same time.

The 25 qty variant is still popping $70+ sales today.