Sony Plans Future Spider-Man Films Without Help From Disney

God damn it, Sony. You suck. You had 5 spider-man movies before civil war and they all sucked. Sony, sell the rights to this character. You are not doing yourself any favours by attempting this on your own again. The only reason Venom was viable for you was because it was so bad, it found a niche as a ’good’ bad movie. :man_facepalming:


Might be best to hold off until D23 to see if they say anything official on this.

Obviously don’t know the ins and outs of the negotiations but I don’t think Sony has done anything wrong here

Disney want a cake that’s not theirs and have the bigger slice .

It’ll all sort out and Spider-Man will be in the MCU

Just worrying Disney are seen as the ‘good guys’ in all this

Neither have done anything wrong more than likely, the problem with Sony is, they don’t have a great track record of creating films. Them stepping away again without the help of Disney will likely result in a sub par Spider-Man movie… I wouldn’t even be surprised if Tom Holland doesn’t come back…

There is not a single corporation that is ‘the good guy’, in any scenario. But, Disneys Marvel Movies are so so so so so much better, and more entertaining than any of the Spider garbage that Sony releases, including the god awful Venom movie.
It is not surprising at all that we may not get to see what we want, as fans, on the big screen due to the incompetence and greed of two ruthless corporations.

Venom was cool and Into The Spider-Verse was amazing

But at the end of the day Disney wanted to change the deal they agreed in 2015 for the sole purpose of making more money . Sony had every right to say no

Hopefully the penny will drop with Disney how important Spider-Man is to the continuation of the MCU and stop being greedy

Just correct you in a really annoying way :grin:

Disney has had very little to do with the success of the MCU . It was well established and mapped out thanks to the vision of Feige

The Mouse has just taken over with the only objective to fill Scrooge McDuck’s stupid money house with more Marvel money

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That was yes, one of their better movies.

Well, Feige is Disney… in a not so direct way. You knew what I meant. :wink:

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sonys spider man films aren’t quite as bad as the marvel ones except in 1 very important way…tom holland. he’s far more of a peter parker than either of the 2 sony used.

but remove the lead actors and sony has had an actual mj, a pretty good gwen stacy…and plots that actually feel more like peter parker story lines than miles morales ones.

the really bad part for both is that feige likely has to rush in another character to fill the spidey hole (or use the same loophole as they did to use quicksilver and scarlet witch via the fantastic four)…and sony loses all the connectivity to the other mcu characters.


This article has the breakdown of how Sony got Spider-Man.

Hopefully the penny will drop with Disney how important Spider-Man is to the continuation of the MCU and stop being greedy

I would actually prefer Sony separate their Venom and Spider-man Universe away from Tom Holland and maybe go in a darker direction maybe using one of the original Spider-Man actors already married to MJ with a Spiderling in the making so the older Peter would be more suited to a darker story content involving Venom, Carnage and whatever else the chefs can whip up. Think Renew Your Vows type thing. There’s enough room and established material to do both leaving Tom exclusively for Marvels funner, lighter uses and making a Spider-Man Deadpool movie possible as well.

Hopefully they come to an agreement or Disney just buys them outright. They seem to be needing money every few years anyway according to the article.

I agree, so far Holland is the best Peter Parker by far. Nerdy, not to sure of himself… Garfield wasn’t terrible but now when I look back and look at Tobey as Spider-Man, his performance was just terrible… also he was already in his 30s or so when he was cast.

Maybe Marvel will just re-snap Spider-man

Ah… That would make me sad.

I know. Remember the look on Peter Parker’s face the first time. He was so surprised. His eyes were like, “What’s going on?”…so very, very sad.

When Peter was telling Tony he didnt want to go… That was the most heart wrenching scene in the movie.

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