Space bandits #1

So with the news that Netflix has started the wheel on making this , who read this and thinks it will be a good series?

I have my #1s that I’m squirreling away so yeah I’m hoping it’s big, but I didn’t vibe with the story.

Your thoughts?

I stopped spec’ing on Millar. He puts out decent reads but his entire goal is film first. So judging from past books, if they do heat up it doesn’t last long, usually over in a blink.

I’ll probably wait to see the previews of the show before deciding to watch, if and when that time comes.

I would think the enlightened among us would stop speccing on him but the sheep on Facebook and other media sites still eat it up like they were crack coated M & M’s

And aren’t they the ones we flip our comics too ?

Yes but at times it seems they don’t bite as much. Look at Millars probably most successful work Secret Service. I offloaded the entire series for like $30. Reborn had a little heat as well but I think it’s because rumors of Sandra Bullock were made, I think she helped it heat up as much as it did. I listed at peak price times and half of my stuff didn’t even sell. I only did well with the McFarlane higher ratio variant.

The 75 cent cover Anthony wanted a while back has already heated up past his pull the trigger on it point. There was another one on FOC this week. It’s hard to go wrong if you get in early enough that your investment is less than the cost of supersizing your combo.

Those rare, ratio variants are usually pure hype and FOMO. Eventually after the few hardcores get their copy nicely tucked away, the prices tend to start to drop back down to real world pricing.