Spare a GRADE (FAIR,G,G+ or ...)

I would hope readers of this site know how to grade a comic! We’re a smart and classy bunch of fellows and gals, after all!

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We should all just spam the seller asking for actual photos.


That is a really really douche move. Wow.
It’s one thing to list a book with a dumbass and/or deceptive grade with real pictures.
It’s another level of F%cknut to replace the real picture with a stock photo for extra purposeful deceptiveness.

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It’s below a douche move I think. At least douche’s do the world good for those that need or require it… :wink:

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Just want to take a moment check with the crowd to see if you guys would agree with my assessment for CGC Grading.

  1. Batman 500 Polybag (EST Grade 9.6-9.4)

When look closely, you can see there is a slight color rub near on the upper right staple on the back cover and small “1/12” color rub. Hence I’m think if get CGC to grade this it’ll land between 9.6-9.4. Would like the team opinion on this. Trying to be more accurate when grading the 8.0-9.6.

The next copy is Sword of Azrael #4. I say this would fall between 9.0-8.5 due it slight (not whole book) just minor spine roll ONLY on top left corner and small dimple on the upper right on the front cover (No color break). 3 x (1/16) small minor stress line (break color) on the spine.

Back Cover: 1 inch Diagonal bend with no color break and 4 x minor stress (1/12 -1/16) with no color break.

For the Sword of Azrael #4, with a press you will be able to get the dimple, bend and the minor stress with no color break fixed. Should be a 9.6 after a good press, without it 9.0.


It’s good hear that we think alike on the Sword of Azrael #4, do you think the Batman #500 is 9.6-9.4 due to it light color rub by staple and light “color rub dimple size” on (BACK CVR). Have you seen or known of a 9.8 with light color rub?

The only 9.8 I can think of with color rub present is Immortal Hulk #1, Cover A. But it was a manufacturing defect…more prevalent on some covers than others, but still seen on all covers.

However, CGC lets a lot of things go…I have 9.8s with clear spine indentations, possibly breaking color. So if you’re happing with a 9.6, maybe give it a shot. Otherwise you might just want to invest in buying a 9.8 if the number is that important…how expensive are these books in 9.8? Might be cheaper than shipping + pressing/cleaning + grading/encapsulation…just to get a 9.6 anyway…pay a few extra $$ to get what you want.

My $0.02 anyway.

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I’ve gotten a 9.8 from CGC with a very obvious color rub on the cover. I wouldn’t grade it a 9.8, but they did. Shrug.

I concur with the 9.6-9.4 estimate on Bats #500 and think you’ll do well with a press on the Azrael.

$60 w/free shipping.

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Hijacking the thread alert
what do you call it when
silver age (maybe golden) books that have the the blue ink/paint across the top the the pages
(looks like retailer/distributor back then painted the top of the books in bulk)
never mind i found the first part
how much did it automatically deduct to grade ?

I don’t think it deducts it at all because it comes that way new. However it definitely can effect the value as when in excess can be unsightly.

Similar to date stamps, as long as they are not unsightly and place in inconspicuous locations.

I have seen CGC 9.0 with distributor over spray (Bottom right spine on the book) . So it is possible to get a 9.0 however, I think that the max you can get because overall this book look pretty clean on the front and back with no noticeable color breaking spine stresses.

but what if it gets on the front or back cover

If you look at the front cover there’s a dog ear lower right and color breaking spine ticks

I see the “dog ear” that your speaking off. I guess I’m more lenient cuz it very slight “dog ear” bend. In regards to the color breaking spine tick your speaking off. I guess its not coming through as prominent on my monitor. Not sure if my brightness cranked up high. I mean, I still say it more a 9.0 vs 8.5 due to the severity of the defects. What your take on it?

im not talking about anything other than the blue marks i dont currently care about the other stuff on condition
picture was just an example