Spare a GRADE (FAIR,G,G+ or ...)

When it has a spine split of 1 1/4 on top spine and spine roll. Minor soil on the back.

What kind of grade is this? Is this even G+, G, or worse?


oh wow, your being generous. What dictate a 2 vs 3? These low grade always confuses me.

Outside of the soiling and split it’s a decent looking book without too much wear. If it was beat quite a bit more around the spine or had some full color breaking folds it would drop in the 2.0-2.5 range.

I would think good 2.0 to good plus 2.5. I can’t really tell but outside of the tanning and soiling it looks as though there is some moister staining. It looks like there may be some light tearing but those could also be creases/wrinkles. A well loved book but still displays pretty good! The spine roll could be taken out with a skilled press.

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I mean a 1.8 looks like an @$$.

and a 2.0 looks like what I have here, I guess…, a 2.5 maybe (I pray lol…)

Good/very good condition based on decades of grading. I agree with Alana and others.

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Thanks for your feedback. So can I say census here is
Good to Good+ (2.0-2.5).

Now a better question. Would you buy bunch of low silver grade keys or mid grade bronze?.. Choices.
The hard part about these kind of books is hard do you price them. Most of these guys who sell these low grade tend to grade them like 4-5 lol. Then you get people who grade them what FAIR or Good-. From you guys opinion, what do you think I can sell this copy (reasonable) for?

Thank again for your time and wisdom.

Yes, I do it all the time, especially if the price is right. I love low grade books as they are an easy sale and great placeholders in people’s collections.

Depends on the key, but I love me some silver!

I didnt want to hijack @robotur post, so I put this here…

Dipshit is back at it…

This crap aint NM…

more like F…

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Maybe F+


lol…the idiot ended the item and relisted with a stock photo…

guess it’s not NM+ anymore…lmao

seller must be a member here…


I hope that readers aren’t being deceptive. But funny it should change after the post

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And they took the + off NM+. I’m going to take a wild guess that there’s no mention of the scuff in the description or any other information to indicate it’s not actually NM.

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