Spawn 300 - 301 Speculation

Solicitation for spawn 302 is out and it implys that both an old character and a new character will be introduced in these issues

“HELL HUNT,” Part One In the aftermath of the record-setting SPAWN #300 and #301, new heroes—The Reaper and Jessica Priest: She-Spawn—join Spawn’s war against the forces of Heaven and Hell. The next evolution in the mythology and power of the Hellspawn begins NOW. PLUS: The return of MEDIEVAL SPAWN! THE HUNT IS ON.

This issue will Feature 3 covers again. A Standard, a Virgin and a B & W edition.

Anthony has givin us a starting point of First app Jessica #61

She-spawn is mentioned and all i can find in regards to that is NYX , First app 122. Now there appears to be a first cover for she spawn on 141 , and its around 50$ on ebay. This may be a first appearance of Jessica as She-spawn. What that does to issue 61 is anyones guess, market and popularity withstanding.

Reaper looks to be a new Character. This might be a keep and hold issue.

Your Thoughts.

For cheap Speculation, these can be had on the Bay for under 5$

Spawn 61 on eBay Good cheap grab. Gonna post on main site soon

Art from issue 300. The scene shows potential spoilers. I’m guessing (speculating) that this is shespawn at the bottom center.

Forgot to add that this picture is offical. It comes from Mcfarlanes Instagram account and he says it’s for issue 300.

SPAWN #300 Opena variant

How many 1st appearances are on this cover ?


Is there any significance of you posting this? Hmmm :eyes:

Is there any reason not to ? I think we can all guess why we post stuff…

Not really knowledgeable with Spawn stuff but if u reply with :eyes: then ill check out that one in my cart :grin:

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So, Spawn #300 is the 1st appearance of the current She-Spawn. Which cover is the best to get ? 1:50 ratio, NYCC foil, or additional printings ?

I like the later printings.

3rd print

4th print


Yes, I think that makes the most sense (unless you’re willing to drop hundreds on the NYCC Gold). I think there was an Alamo version which sits between the NYCC Gold and Silver in terms of print runs (not sure, but that’s what I recall).

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