Spawn #300 continues Toddfathers ASM Cover Swipes

Late last night Todd McFarlane announced his plans for the upcoming Spawn #300. The Toddfather seems to have pulled out all the stops for his baby as it approaches claiming the title as the longest creator owned title. Check out the cover image and the guest creators who have been working on this historic issue.

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he swiped his own cover of ASM 300 AND Spawn 227. lol how many times can we use the same cover

Capullo is co-credited on the cover art. So, that is new. :man_shrugging:

Meh… I think I’m gonna pass. I have my Spawn #1 and I think I still have a #7 and #16 or so. I’m good when it comes to Spawn.

He specifically said the “main” cover is yet to come. He just wanted to do that swipe as it felt appropriate. He also indicated there would only be a “couple” of covers for the issue & that anyone doing a cover would have to do interior work as well. It will be great seeing some interior work again by Campbell!