Spawn #300 Covers

A, B, I, K and L Covers still do not have cover art released 9 days before FOC. K’s the 25 Ratio and L’s the 50 Ratio. JUN190024 and JUN190025

Nice silent push back… i bet it gets pushed another week. Interiors by artists arent finished. Covers arent finished. I get another week of presales to grease the pockets and hype up on twitter and instagram.

Absolute Carnage #1s pages look really interesting and the book appears headed for a 3rd Printing before the 1st even arrives on the shelf!!! Maybe Image should take a few notes. Get the cover art out in time and stores will still under order your product so you have plenty of time for soliciting reprints. I still can’t wrap my head around how AC1 could have been underordered with all those Ratio Variants to chase down. :thinking: What has happened in 18 days since FOC to drive up demand? First Prints show in stock right now at Diamond???

Marketing and Buzz

Alexander Cover Art

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A, B, K and L still to go. Only 7 days left to FOC.

Absolute Carnage #1 first printing still hasn’t sold out at Diamond as of right now. The Artgerm is still in stock also. Actually, they haven’t sold out of any except the trading figure variant. All the rest can be ordered right now.

3rd Printing is officially orderable now.

All available for Order now. FOC Monday.
Cover K now has an image.
Still Waiting for A, B and L

So they release a slew of new covers, but still don’t have covers A & B art figured out…

Looks like they added a Blank cover as well. A total of 15 covers. I think these new covers are going to be under ordered as its late in the game and only a few listings on Ebay for them. This will be intresting.

I’ve been holding back finalizing my order until they get all the art out so it was an easy add on at this point since I needed to bump up to get another 50 qty variant for one of the customers who wants them all anyway. I’m thinking they might be holding back A, B and the 50 qty cover with a surprise reveal or something so I added extra A’s and B’s just in case. It turns out I didn’t have to reduce anything to work them in as I first thought. The orders for the last 5 should definitely be less than they could have been if they’d announced them at the beginning. I would seem to make sense to toss out a 100 qty ratio cover along with the new 5. Maybe Monday or least adding an extra week to FOC. It appears their advertising for the issue is locked in so they may not want to delay the shipping date any.

I’m thinking for 301 they should go ahead and bump that one to an even 26 covers. They’re only up to letter J for that one. They’re wasting a lot of perfectly good alphabets leaving them unused. How many creator owned cover Z’s could there really be out there?

They won’t add another week for these covers, it’s already been delayed once. I think instead you will find that you will be able to “purchase” these covers after FOC.
My thought is they will make available the same amount as what the other covers brought in until those 5 are sold out. If cover D sold 10000 units they will make the other 5 covers with that print run as well. Maybe , maybe not. These 5 will still be under ordered and being virgin covers demand for them after release might go up… depends who they introduce in 300.

I’ve got that same feeling with A, B and L that I had with Silver Surfer Black 2nd Printing. All 3 are basically the same cover. Regular, B&W and a 50 QTY Virgin.

I would have thought his covers would have been the first one’s ready to reveal unless he’s intentionally holding them back to not spoil anything. Maybe BlackStabby makes her cover debut? If nothing’s released by Monday evening I’m bumping them higher in qty ordered.

Hopefully the guy who empties the waste baskets and vacuums the office will get his Cover 301 Y Cover in on time. Who’s he going to surprise us with for the X Cover? Maybe the lady who answers the phone?

No cover yet. Do we pull the trigger on 25 extra A’s, 25 extra B’s and an extra 50 qty hoping they come in HOT?

Do we cancel out all the A’s and B’s that weren’t preordered by subscribers?

At $7.99 each cover this is a rather high risk gamble with so many other covers already visible.

im sticking with my pre sold numbers. i wont buy any extra copys. The new covers i will sink 10 each on , but thats pushing it at this point.

I’m putting money on the new covers. Retailers like yourself wont be ordering a lot because there isn’t enough time for demand to build. That means these new covers will have a low print count. Once 300 hits and people see the newer covers there is going to be a mad dash and you will see these increase on ebay. While historically anniversary covers don’t tend to get a lot of heat, the covers with the least print do.

I would cancel. F’em.

Mcfarlane released 7 pages from issue 300 to his instagram account. Looks like we get the new guy in this issue : The Reaper

Don’t fear ‘em.

Why the hell didn’t he just make the ‘parody’ cover for 300 the regular A cover and call it a day? They were the regular covers for 298-299! FFS, he’s made pre-ordering it a nightmare.

The only reason I can think of is

A: A spoiler cover for A he doesn’t want spoiled yet which this Reaper thing may be it.

B: Ineptitude in being able to get his work done on time which doesn’t sound likely.

C: He thinks his regular cover A is so fantastic it would kill orders for the others.

Two out of three of those said to me buy more. The add on covers M thru Q I added on enough to cover the subscribers (+ 1 for the shelf) that had preordered the earlier issues so at least in my case the qty ordered should be about the same as everything except A and B which I did get extras of just in case but chose not to spend the extra $200+ shipping to get an extra 50 copies and variant.

I suspect walk-ins who don’t chase multiple covers to be grabbing A, B or the Parody J and ignoring the rest.