Spawn #300 Covers

Update this topic with Spawn #300 covers as we learn about them.

Here is the J. Scott Campbell Variant cover:

Full list of pre-order links for all covers, not including store variants if there ends up being any:

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MJ with chains nice.


I’m out until it’s Black Cat…

I think it looks good but he drew her boobs smaller than normal.

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Stained glass/characters in the glass is a cool touch. I ordered one.

You know what’s sad? When JSC isn’t drawing women, his artwork isn’t really that bad.

He has always been talented. He has just been mailing it in the last 3-6 years, or so. Living large off of that one female body (essentially MJ) design.

I actually like this cover. A lot.

I would have guessed this was the opeña cover

The facial details within the Stained Glass are very nice … :vulcan_salute:

With the ‘clown’ being top dead centre. Niiice.

Should probably update this with the McFarlane A cover, the Capullo cover, and the Open cover, all released.

Myself, I just want to know if the main cover to 301 is the matching McFarlane Spidey 301 image, or if that’s the “parody” variant buried in previews. It’s not in the solicit.

I want to know that too!

Main cover A is the matching Spider-Man homage. Cover H is listed as parody for whatever reason. Don’t know what it’s actualy going to be. Maybe a BW Edition. Drawn by mcfarlane.

McFarlane Covers:


Black and White

Capullo Covers


Virgin Variant:

Opena Variant

Links to all the pre-ordered covers:

On the McFarlane cover, why does a guy with the power of Hell need guns? Never understood that.

Because guns make you cool… and perhaps they compensate him on his junk size… :wink: