Spawn #300- which cover?

So it’s time to pre-order and there are 12 covers, and none have been revealed. If I’m getting only one, which is the best bet, in terms of either speculation or all-around appeal? I’m probably going with the Mcfarlane A cover, but I have no idea what it’ll look like. Same for the ‘ASM 300’ parody.

Campbell does some nice covers, but Cuppalo is pretty good as well. The 1:25 variant and the 1:50 are alittle pricey. I expect them to drop in price as the month goes on , at least until the Art is released.

Honestly I would wait to see what the cover art is going to be and then decide.

Ps: all covers are going to be heavily ordered. In terms of speculation the 1:50 is the one to get as it will eventually have the lowest print run. But again I would wait on pricing as more people undercut each other but getting thier initial order in.

And if you like another cover after their revealed, pick that one up.

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And I’m no spec’ing on these. If you look back at issues #100 and #200, they are all on average a $10 book. This new #300 will be easy to get with a huge print run. So ultimately, buy the cover you like and leave it at that I say.

I have to pre-order from DCBS so I’m flying blind. I don’t usually go for the pricier ratio variants, even though they’re better for spec.

I tend to agree. Just getting it to get, I have the first 20 or so issues, 50, 75, 100, 200, so it seemed like a nice tradition to keep. I wish he would reveal them soon though as I have to get pre-order in. Do you think collector’s will gravitate toward McFarlane’s A cover, or his own ASM parody by himself? That’s really what I’m torn on.

Try doing google searches on each cover artist, sometimes they’ll release the art on their own twitter feeds or websites.

I think it will be a mix . You have 2 months to wait for the Art before u need to order. I believe June 27 is initial order cut off and either end of July or beginning of August is FOC

If by then you can’t find a cheap copy of what you want then hit me up and I will sell it to you at the discount today.

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Prices are crazy.
I’m going with Cover A for PC/Long-term
JSC, Capullo and ASM 300 Homage for flipping.

Crazy cheap on regular covers. Sky high on ratio variants.

You gonna be or have precense at NYCC this year? If so, you should let me and Anthony know as we can hit you up.

No. I have never done a convention as a seller. In honesty it’s very intimidating and I lack the monetary funds to do those big conventions. I will be attending though and looking for the exclusives and stuff.

ASM #300 parody variant (cover J)

Lifelong SPAWN fan, buying these two covers for PC. Pricey buy in at $7.99 ($11 CDN), I don’t see much spec value there unless there’s a surprise first appearance or something. Simply too many covers and way high print run, it’s more of a milestone anniversary celebration for me. Issue #301 sets the record for longest creator owned series so it wouldn’t surprise me if the TODDFATHER drops a gem on us for that issue instead… Also, I would assume it to be a regular cover $2.99 buy in for issue #301 as per usual. Just saying… Be well everyone… :v:

Ah, just attending as an attendee is cool.

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Yeah, the issue is pricey at 7.99$ (even with discounts) , but people are buying it. All 10 covers are going for 52ish $ atm plus shipping. It’s a hard pill to swallow and a big hit on the wallet.

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