Spawn #301 Covers

Just like issue #300, here’s the topic to post all the Spawn #301 covers as they are revealed to us.

Spawn #301 (Cover A - McFarlane)
Spawn #301 (Cover B - Capullo)
Spawn #301 (Cover C - Virgin Capullo)
Spawn #301 (Cover D - Alexander)
Spawn #301 (Cover E - Crain)Spawn #301 (Cover F - Opena)
Spawn #301 (Cover G - Virgin Mattina)
Spawn #301 (Cover H - Parody McFarlane)
Spawn #301 (Cover I - B&W McFarlane)

Why so many variants for this issue?

There’s big holes in the Image display from where Walking Dead was pulled from the shelf after ending so he figures we need a quick 30+ covers for two issues of Spawn to spread out and fill the gap before we give the space to other companies products.

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Because McFarlane loves your money in his pocket! :stuck_out_tongue:

Who doesn’t?!

I don’t want your dirty money in my pocket… maybe in the bank though! :wink:

Walking Dead cancelled.
Invincible cancelled
Outcast cancelled
DieDieDie on extended vacation break
1 comic a month from Oblivion Song to keep the top row of the Image section about 48’ in length stocked. Thinking about expanding Boom titles to more than the Rangers.
30+ Spawn covers for 300 and 301 might help a little while we wait for the Boom.

I wouldn’t say those books were cancelled… They just ended.

Once Saga returns, that will be Images top book based on monthly print runs.

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That ROSS cover is mental.:fire:

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The last issue only had 36,372 sold according to Comichron. At it’s peak here it had two subscribers. After a larger print run new #1 I expect them to settle back into something similar with print runs putting them down in the 50 to 60 place finish for the month range. Cancelled or any other way you want to describe someone deciding they aren’t going to produce any more monthly comics by Robert Kirkman doesn’t provide for the lost income from the customers who haven’t returned since the one title they were getting was announced to never be returning with new copies. Even a great new series to suddenly jump out would still need 8 months to a year to get enough issues out to start to fill a noticeably sized space the loss of the Kirkman titles has now vacated or will once we pull the last of the issues off the shelf.
I’m also leaning towards giving Immortal Hulk or the X-Men their own area since Kirkman doesn’t want it separate from the rest of the Marvel comics. Deadpool and Star Wars have their own areas as long as they continue to produce new content to add to it.

Different areas, different readers. I know a few people who dont touch any comics but are reading Saga regularly.

I mentioned it even though it’s not available to order yet through Diamond to both former subscribers Sunday when they came is and they’ll be back on board once it starts. Todays project is taking down enough Vertigo to make room for Doomsday Clock 11 and maybe grouping the Black Labels together and moving enough Kirkman no more issues coming titles off the Image shelves to hold all 15 Spawn covers tomorrow. (qty variants already commited)

I think I’m going to see if I can get all those DC statues off the fold leg table into a permanent shelf place also. I want the table back free in time for Batman Day.

6 more to go to have all of them revealed before Final Order Cutoff Monday.

A, B, C, E, I and J

The others up to letter Q can be viewed now. If McFarlane would get his one cover done it would reveal half of the missing 6.

Letter R which was never orderable has disappeared from recent e-mails so I’m assuming that one might show up as a one per store freebie or something.

I’m speculating a NYCC exclusive variant…

The new FOC page for each week has all of them on it if you expand the Image listing “View All”. I’m going to love this link!!!

I’m speculating a NYCC exclusive variant…

Image has a history of sending out a free one per store variant for major events and we didn’t get one for issue 300 so I’m thinking we’re due. They did a Gold Foil a while back for Spawn as a free One Per store bonus so it has happened for Spawn as well as Image in general.

Clayton Crain Cover Revealed:

That would be Cover E for the alphabetically challenged. I’m loving that FOC page. Cover E popped up there visible so I didn’t add another comment earlier. Only 5 to go now and 3 of those are TF’s different versions of the same cover.

All of them are now visible except Cover J.

Here’s Cover J the 25 Qty Ratio Variant

It looks like the new Final Order Cutoff page is going to show everything on FOC including figures, games and collectibles except the Qty/Ratio Variants. The list itself finalizes at noon on Fridays but apparently additional new images can be added anytime.

SPAWN #301 CVR E CRAIN was changed today also so the image posted yesterday is no longer the cover that will be shipped. Here’s the new Cover E.