Spawn #306 (D)

Hey all! We sort of touched on this issue awhile back but…
This particular cover was released very late in the game/ordering process & even then it was hard to put a finger on what cover it would be (a,b,c,d).
Todd revealed it on his fb page but it wasn’t even showing up on my typical “go to” places for ordering untill last week.
I went back today to add some more copies & it appears sold out most places. At this point in the game…I’m not seeing many options (zero options actually other than one “all covers” presale) to get ahold of this book. I have to wonder how many copies would have been ordered by retailers?
At any rate…I love the cover & it may be one to keep an eye out for.

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Some additional thougjts…
The FOC on this issue was 2/24.
This cover was never announced/revealed untill 3/4 on Todd’s Facebook page. Even then, it didn’t show up on varied sites untill later & initally didn’t even show the cover.
I’m never quite aure of the ordering process for retailers, but it sure seems like a recipe for a very low print run?
Going to ask some retailers friends for insight in another group as well.

Interesting…the single seller on ebay that is offering these covers as a set jumped his price from $22 to $35 bucks (with 8$ shipping) in the last hour.

Any of you by chance? :slight_smile:

Cover D was announced before FOC. It wasnt revealed until Todd showed it. Typical Todd dragging his feet on finishing a cover…

@monopolyjackson Gotcha! Thank you for clarifying for me. A shame honestly. I really wanted quite a few of these after seeing it (not for spec but for my sons and a couple friends who are huge Gunslinger fans). I see Angel Medina regularly and wanted him to sign and do a sketch on them for me.

I’m sure I’ll get ahold of a few more, but would have been easier if I could have just known in advance.


MCS will have it on Tuesday

Hey all! I still had a hell of a time getting copies of this book (The D Cover). Again, I just wanted a bunch due to more a love of Gunslinger Spawn and seeing Medina frequently to sign and sketch on them. One of my sons is also a fan and I wanted one for a gift.

Ultimately, I got a couple…but they def took some work and even now, there aren’t a ton out there to be had at cover price.

If you like Spawn, like the cover, it may be a good book to have. I just think that given the late release of the cover art, the popularity of gunslinger spawn, and the fact that there were 4 covers…there may not have been a huge amount of that particular cover printed.


I’m just gonna have to pat myself on the back for this one lol.

I knew this book would be big. I’d love to know the print run on this particular cover as well.

I looked for it…it’s a cool cover but I thought the character that made a first appearance was actually on either the A/C covers?

This would throw my theory for 1st appearance
Plus cover being the book to get when in doubt…

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@D-Rog I still think your right on with that view.
This is def an outlier to the norm.
I’ve followed Spawn since the beginning & I’m not entirely sure why, but Gunslinger Spawn has a huge following. It was just a perfect storm comic for a variety of reasons

Even now, with the price climbing, not many for sale on ebay.

I got one.

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Was there a first appearance in this issue?


This book has held quite steady, & released just before chaos ensued in many places.
Keep an eye out for it when things get back to normal.