Spawn 306

Below is a link to a crazy story about Spawn 306 whereby there was thought to be about 50 copies in existence and the price of such a ‘rare’ comic was reflected in recent sales (around &1,500-$2,000). Within the past few days, it was discovered a few individuals were hoarding this issue (many more than 50 now exist) and they were all dumped on eBay (some graded, some raw) resulting in about s 50% drop in FMV. Very interesting to read/hear if you have some time to watch the videos.

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So you gotta join that group to read it ???

Are you talking about the NetherRealm variant ?

I can see multiple sellers who have many copies, sold and available to buy…


Whomever said there was 50 copies printed, LIED

All of the people paying over $200 for raws are …stupid


I’m sure most of these graded copies are CPRs (crack, press, regrades)….


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according to Krap Kollector…

and I would say more than 420 exist…


Why don’t we call it an even 500? 80 copies likely became file copies or given away to other friends/employees.


…and yet, none of these “buyers” stop and think “Why do these sellers have sooooo many copies…?”

You buy a gold-plated dookie…
It’s still a dookie.


At least that has gold on it… nothing about these comics makes them particularly special from all the other #306 out there… the images on the front are just ink organized to look different from the other issues…

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yeah theres a crap ton on ebay right now, rare my ass


Mmmmm….gold plated cookies….


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Yeah, so as of August, they are back peddling on all the times they have listed it as rare?


Never back peddle, always double down


Always better to just admit you were wrong cause you got wrong info than any alternative.

Publishers lied, we published what they were telling us, it’s wrong. Then just move on from it…

I would never back what a store or publisher claims is the “exclusive print run” is on any book. They’re just creating false demand to boost sales. Its a old time collectible market strategy. Reminds me of those stupid Shopping Network collectible shows… “Get it now, there’s only 100 of these available”… it’s all nonsense to get people to buy and people fall for it day in and day out…


reminiscent of some Whatnot sellers. Every time I hear one of them say “This is a steal” or “dont miss out on this deal” when it’s a run of the mill book, I cringe…

honorable mentions:
“Nobody wants this? I can’t believe it guys”
“This book is a banger”
“this book last went for $(xx.xx) on ebay guys (quotes the high sale price)”
“I can’t believe you got it for $xx.xx, what a steal”.


Spot On… spot on!

stopped buying exclusives awhile ago when the forum educated me on the illusion of scarcity all these stores claim. a lot it has the same marketing messaging over and over.


A whatnot banger is a book that you hope that they overgraded or the usps damages it on the way to your house

Yup. When I got back into comics back in 2013, I wasn’t big on exclusives and would only buy what I either liked or knew I could get cheap and flip but I don’t think I’ve bought any exclusives around 4 or so years now. I can appreciate the cover art if it’s good by just looking at it digitally, don’t need to own it and definitely don’t need to own it so it just sits in a longbox tucked away for 99% of the time it’s in my possession.


Why would I hope a book was over graded?

I don’t need to own 100% of the books I have.

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