Spawn 308?

As always, I’ve been trying to figure out what we will see with the varied Spawn covers for 308. I tend to order all of them (even sight unseen), but will often go heavy on a particular cover if it captures my eye. 308 has a McFarlane cover not yet shown, but Foc is tomm. I follow his instagram & he had a short video of this. He never stated it was 308 but did say it was an upcoming cover so I’ll assume. Thought I’d share.


Todd added an update & stated he decided to do his own coloring on the issue.
I’m still assuming this is 308 (one of three covers).
I believe this will pan out like the cover to 306.
Highly recommend reserving it if you can.

I continue to believe in this book and although it hasn’t gotten huge word of mouth…I firmly believe it is worth the $2.99 if you see this version at your shops. Spawn is often taken for granted/under the radar and this will end up being another like that Gunslinger 306.

That 306 continues to get over $50 consistently and never got any hype other than me blabbering on about it lol!

Midtown has copies. Limit 1 per. Everywhere else sold out. I’ve been preordering all his covers.

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I’ve been picking up Spawn as well. I ordered 1 copy of 308 all covers. Really nice covers.

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I refuse to buy any Spawn until McFarlane stops putting… “World Breaking Comic” on the top… to stroke his ego a little more with each issue that comes out… :wink:

I dont read Spawn, but I did have issues 298-301 for the ASM swipes. I then decided to start reading Spawn as a way to support my LCS. Last night I was organizing my reading pile, Spawn is up next, and I noticed I’m missing issue 306. Now I know why I can’t find it. Rats.

Taking a bit longer than I thought but the MCFarlane & Lashey covers will both pan out in time.
The Lashey is already doing very well under the radar.
Still available here (likely as they still had it as Tan & McFarlane vs Lashey). The “b” cover was the Lashey as listed/pictured so I would hope they don’t just toss in any ole cover?

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