Spawn #311 Black and White Tribute $5.99

The Spawn 311 Black and White Tribute cover is up on tfaw for $5.99


What’s the scoop here? Why is the BW cover a $6.99 cover price while the A/B/C is $2.99? Is this another 1:5 “freebie” for shops?

Looks like it’s just a spendy open order cover.

its the cheapest I could find online

I’m just curious why it’s a $7 book. MacFarlane said it was “limited.” Some sort of incentive?


I found this on the CHU site, and appears to be an overshipped item:
That One Guy Who Owns A Shop says:

In addition, Image will be overshipping free B&W Chadwick Boseman covers at 20% of the retailers’ total order of A, B, and C. So if a retailer orders 10 copies each of the three open to order covers, they will receive 6 free copies of cover D (which cannot be ordered on its own).

Its another 1:5.