Spawn #311 Tribute

With FOC Monday, will you guys have the B&W version up @RipCityGamer?

Guessing some will go up either today or tomorrow, rest will go up on Monday.

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If they dont, i will. Do a bundle with half the profits going to a charity.


All the profits… do all the profits. Be a saint… :wink:

Aint no saints in this world cept for new orleans

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Did Marvel donate the funds from all the Stan Lee tribute stuff they did before?

Don’t know but scroll up, shared my thoughts on those simple tribute banners already.

Avenger #36 Boseman tribute.

Spawn is still the only book at the $2.99 price point. McFarlane doesn’t use his Spawn book as a profit machine. If all Todd was interested in was profits, then his book would be $3.99, like almost every other image book on the shelf. :slightly_smiling_face:

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McFarlane doesn’t use Spawn as a profit machine? Wow. Just…wow. Every single damn thing McFarlane does is purely for profit.

Vann…why is Spawn still only $2.99? Is there a cheaper, ongoing title of this production level? If he is running a business, I certainly hope he is trying to make a profit. He could easily start with raising the cover price of his book to $3.99 like jcLu pointed out, if he was just doing everything purely for profit. There is no problem with making a profit.

I never said that making a profit is bad…but do not tell me he doesn’t use it as a profit machine. It wouldn’t matter if his books were $1.99…McFarlane would find a way to market that to the ends of the earth.

If you think otherwise, good for you.

I said the ‘Spawn book’, not ‘Spawn the character’, @Vann . There is a critical distinction between the two.

Parsing sentences aside, it is the cornerstone of his profit machine.

Not parsing. Distinct, critical differences. Todd’s money maker is his toy empire, not his $2.99 monthly comic book.

…and how many generations of Spawn toys are we at now? …ummm…based off of the comics.

Look, you believe otherwise, all good. I completely disagree with you is all.

I distinctly said the book. Not the toy, not the character.
Of course Spawn, the character, is central to Todd’s enterprises. That doesn’t need to be said or clarified.
You can misconstrue my statement if you like, but that is not what I said. I said, and I quote;

You can disagree with me if you like, but you aren’t technically disagreeing, because you have misconstrued the premise. You’re presenting a straw man argument here.
If you want to say that the Spawn Comic Book is Todds largest source of income/profits, then we would be disagreeing. But I digress. :wink::v:

Without his comic, he cannot keep those toys or his name in the spotlight. It IS the cornerstone of his profit empire and he uses it as such. Is he not now doing 1:5 variants to create even more purchases? I would wager that without it, his gross and net cash flow would be severely crushed.

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I cannot see him losing money on the comic There has to be a profit margin there even if slim

You’re both right, @Vann and @jcLu! He needs the comics to introduce new versions of Spawn and assorted characters/demons and then makes toys of them after they pop-up in the comic. You both win!

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