Spawn #311 Tribute

Very nice cover!


Do we know if this is the B cover, or some sort of exclusive? Gorgeous cover.

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Maaaan the Todd Father been A1 since day 1. I’m coppin this no question.

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I’ll defer to our retailer experts. I am working under the assumption it is the B McFarlane though.

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No pictures up @ Diamond yet, but its mcfarlane so it is probably cover B. Should have a def answer when they send out the retailer press release that they usually send on Thursdays


Same SKU (via Unknown) as cover B on TFAW.

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Its cover B. Image retailer press email just came in.

SPAWN #311 Cover B by McFarlane (Diamond Code AUG200369) will be available at comic book shops [on Wednesday, October 28

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Really nice cover. Have preordered now.

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Just checked my FOC order had 3 copies of Mcfarlane cover B and yup it’s that cover. Thought I’d have to order a separate cover but it’s the one I already had in my cart.

I don’t normally collect Spawn but will definitely be picking one of these up.

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Officially cover b for 311

Image Comics President and SPAWN creator, Todd McFarlane, will pay tribute to Chadwick Boseman in the upcoming SPAWN #311 with a cover in memory of the late actor who brought to life Marvel’s Black Panther character in the Avengers films.

“Given the limited amount of minority characters in the comic industry today that are considered major Superheroes, I thought it appropriate for one of those well-known heroes ( Spawn ) to pay tribute to a man who made a lasting impact on helping shape such a strong superhero of color,” said McFarlane. “Chadwick Boseman is a person who honed his skills and then made a career using them. Then he fought a fight against his own body that showed the true spirit of this man. We should all admire the traits Chadwick shared with us. And the inspiration he gave to millions of children around the globe who got to see a strong, meaningful and proud hero that looked like themselves.”

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I’m only buying if all profits go to St. Judes or other cancer research. I haven’t seen anything indicating such thing…


I can see that cover B being heavily ordered but I can also see it growing organically over time.

Definitely hanging one cover in my newly acquired man room. Already have a Black Panther section lined up in my mind.


If McFarlane really wants to do a tribute to Chadwick Boseman, every penny from this cover and any variants of it should goto Cancer Research and Charities. Until then, it’s just McFarlane and Image profiting from his death, which they should be ashamed of themselves for doing. There’s no tribute if you are pocketing the profits, it’s just using his death to boost sales.


And until I see some press release claiming such thing, I’m boycotting this cover and urge everyone else as well to avoid it.

It’s one thing if people are selling items (secondary market) related to a celebrities death they were related to, directly or indirectly but to pay a tribute to someone just to boost sales (that’s if they’re not doing it for charity), then shame on you… shame on you McFarlane and Image. It’s in really poor taste if you ask me to use a death as a platform for yourself.

It’s like buying those “Support Our Troops” magnets on the back of your car… the only thing you’re really supporting is some company that got some Chinese manufacturer to mass produce for pennies and they taking the rest for profit themselves…

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So does that apply to the Marvel Banner R.I.P Chadwick? Not every issue is getting it. Ive already seen people point out how some books value will go up possibly because of that. And I dont get how his character from another universe paying tribute is bad? I’m asking seriously. Because Al Simmons being a black superhero as stated in his post praising a black man who brought a black super hero to life I dont see it as bad. I get the donate to St.Jude/Cancer part of it I can understand that. But we dont know what Mcfarlane donates to already

It’s the whole idea and PR push that he created this cover entirely to tribute Chadwick, but also the sense he did it to push his own sales if he’s keeping the profits. It’s in bad taste as when I read the PR, it mentioned nothing about the very thing Chadwick was passionate about with his own personal fight so it just gives me the sense that yes, he’s paying tribute but reaping all the profits from such tribute.

A banner for someone across the top of a book is just honoring that person who portrayed someone within your universe. They did it for Stan Lee, I don’t see issues in this sense. I lump it when sports players will wear a banner on their sleeves for another sports star who passed away, etc.

If he truly wants to pay tribute by making a cover that was intended to tribute Chadwick, he’d donate portions of the profits to Cancer Research…

Imagine me creating a cover for a comic to pay tribute to boost interest and sales only to pocket all the profits, a poyo CHU exclusive. You think people would frown upon that? I sure hope so.

So yes, it’s honorable to pay tribute but when there’s money and profits behind such push, that’s where I draw the line.

With the Marvel banners, they’d produce the books with or without it, so they’re not necessarily making “extra money” from such banners.

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I hear you… only reason I would question it was if Spawn had suffering sales then zi would side eye it from that angle. I guess because his last few issues have moved units in the spec market and has done numbers the last couple issues I didnt see it as him hurting for sales or promo so to speak. But I 100% understand where you’re coming from.