Spawn 313

Some nice covers for Spawn #313


Are they doing another 1:5 freebie book for 313?

Not that I see listed

Lol, i love the Violator as Santa. Thats a cover i would get for PC.


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U got me by 10 minutes :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I just wish it had been the Violator cover and not this one.

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The new cover artist for Spawn has some serious talent. If Momoko is sought after, then this guy should be too, imo.

I think I’m giving up on these 1:5s for Spawn. Have the first three, but there are plenty of listings below TFAW’s price on ebay for each. Supply is far greater than demand at the moment.

Yes it is getting to be to much. The next iteration that Image will try is secret 1:10 variants :wink:

“For every 100 copies you order, we’ll give you 20 black and white copies free. And, for every 20 black and white copies you get, we’ll give you 5 glow in the dark copies. And for every 5 glow in the dark copies you get, we’ll give you 1 printed with Todd’s own blood. And for every 1 of the Todd’s blood copies you get, we’ll give you 100 copies of the A cover.”

-From the makers of Spawn, the world record comic book that is the best book. No other book comes close.


It’s got that Mattina and or Del 'Otto style to it. It’s good art but it’ll be interesting if he takes off since it’s a style that’s done often. I think that’s what attracted some to Momoko originally, just different from others. Momoko you can spot 10 miles away…

It’s definitely a marketing strategy that is getting retailers to over order Spawn to get the freebies… once it’s worn thin, they’ll come up with the next strategy…

Her work may be ‘different’, but it is not original, imo. Her style is essentially a Manga style.
I personally think Berands’ work is head and shoulders above dell otto or Mattina, and especially Momoko. Plus, Berands poses are not stolen from other artists (as far as I can tell). Looking at you, Mattina. :man_shrugging:

When I implied “different”, that’s for main stream comics which don’t normally get the Japanese Manga style she does. Yes, her style is not unique but for Marvel, DC and other comic publishers that aren’t manga, it is very unique.

Does the blood glow in the dark? If so, deal!

Updated cover…


The first of 4 Greg Capullo covers according to Mcfarlane himself.


Greg Capullo is the Sh@ts at drawing Spawn!!!