Spawn 314

Looks like spawn 314 is going for the traditional 1:50 incentive as well as the “hidden” 1:5 incentive. Cover E (BW version) has no diamond code atm and Images email is not any help.

  • Spawn #314 Cover A by Francis Mattina - Diamond Code NOV200169
  • Spawn #314 Cover B by Greg Capullo & McFarlane (color version) - Diamond Code NOV200170
  • Spawn #314 Cover C by Tonton Revolver - Diamond Code NOV200171
  • Spawn #314 Cover D 1:50incentive (raw Capullo pencils version) - Diamond Code NOV208317
  • Spawn #314 Cover E by Capullo & McFarlane (inks version) - inquire with your local comic shop
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So, this issue’s 1:5 will be an inks only version of the B cover? Meh. I’ve tagged out after the first 3. Time to bundle those 3 up and move 'em.

The 1:50

Cover A

Spawn #314 (Cover A - McFarlane)

Cover B Mattina

Spawn #314 (Cover B - Mattina)

Cover C Barberi


Spawn #314 (Cover C - Barberi)

Email came in this morning from Diamond:

Image Comics will celebrate the Direct Market’s continued support of Image Comics President Todd McFarlane’s Spawn series, with a free overship of a Capullo and McFarlane black-and-white cover variant on Spawn #314 this January.

This overship amount will be 20% of the retailers’ order (total, across covers A, B & C) of Spawn #314. The freight cost for these free overshipped variant copies will be covered by Image and McFarlane.

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