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Actually, I’d be all over this if he said half the profits were to go to help out Local Comic shops and businesses… I’d buy two just to give away on CHU…

Meanwhile… Jim Lee is over in North Hollywood pumping out sketches for charity while Todd is trying to add to his massive fortune since Diamond can’t ship products… :wink:

Sorry, I just like ragging on the Todd Father… anyone who has to start adding the banner of “World Record Breaking Comic” to issues after he broke the record of Spawn to stroke his ego a bit more… probably wouldn’t be someone I’d find myself wanting to hang out with. I’ve had close friends who developed ego’s over the years… they’re people I don’t consider friends any more…

I had the pleasure of meeting Todd last year at the con and he seemed like a nice guy. Someone who is humble of what he has accomplished.

I meet a comic artist the other day and he told me to look up his friends art work which was Mike S. Miller. He was doing an auction on YouTube from the artwork that he had done for DC. To tell you the he annoyed the S#%@ out of my wife and I. This guy is full of greed. He was getting mad cuz his other friends where starting their art work at $30 or $40 when he didn’t want no less then $75 for a small card size and $500 for the pages of books.

I’m sorry but to me, Todd has done nothing wrong in offering this to his fans. Maybe not the best time or best way to do it, but if I had the extra cash right now, I would back this up.

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Sometimes people are disguised as sheep in public but are actual wolves in private. I’m not saying he’s a bad person (I don’t know him) but maybe I don’t see why people bow to him like they do. Then again, I don’t really idolize anyone or anything.

But yeah, buy what you want or like… I just think kickstarter isn’t the best way for him to do this new figure. He has the means to do it without the help of kickstarter if you ask me. He is by far the richest comic book creator ever… I think his net worth is 300 million. Stan Lee was second at only 50 million…


You’re living in the wrong country then. Todd is essentially living/displaying the ‘American Dream’.

Yes, but other times a spade is a spade. In my opinion, Todd is a genuinely nice person in both public and private.

Todd is looking out for his fans, I don’t think that he feels any responsibility to ensure that a comic book store owner has a solid business model/plan. Todd/Image were one of the first publishers to offer 100% returnability for all their books, to help out retailers. I don’t think Jim and DC have offered that to the retailers. I know you like to rag on the Toddfather, that’s your prerogative, but, I’ll always be here to shine a light on the other side of the argument. Cheers, Poyo.

Your assuming quite a bit in that analysis. Did you ever consider that it is simple marketing, and not done to stroke a perceived ego? :thinking:

there are plenty of ways to remove diamond from the pie and not cut out retailers completely on kickstarter…

several comic campaigns have included retailer options either as discounted bundles or store exclusives, and while this is no longer really an option…some kickstarters even hold launch parties in comic shops.

its not common for retailers to want in on those store exclusive tiers tho (dan mendoza’s campaigns being one example of an exception to this).

dynamite has been doing statue based kickstarters for a while now, as have zenescope, and some other well known indie creators (like linsner with dawn statues). so its not as if mcfarlane is the first published creator to take this route…tho he is by quite a large margin the most well known.

pledged of $100,000 goal

With still 23 days to go …

How can you be so positive? Do you know him personally? Do you hang out with him and drink beer or something? Sometimes you can tell a lot about a person by how they conduct themselves publicly. Sure he might have a smiling face at a convention, most people are smiling at conventions, they’re fun. I’d smile all day too when I have people come up and tell me how much they love my work… :wink:

Like you said, aren’t you assuming quite a bit in your own analysis that Todd is a nice guy in private. I mean, for one to state such things, one would have to know him beyond his public appearances and on a more personal level… :wink:

Nah, that’s all ego… there’s no marketing involved in that top banner if you ask me… That makes me not want to buy it to be honest. After the big 300 sales and print push… the monthly print/saleshave fallen and will eventually drop back to their normal monthly numbers. :wink:

Your rebuttal does not refute my statement. :wink:

I was making an educated guess about Todd’s personality :joy:. There are lots of positive stories out there about Todd and his gracious nature. You typically hear stories about people, especially people of fame and wealth, that can lend a hand in trying to recognize a person’s demeanor, without having to personally know them. Todd has been around for several decades, and I can not recall one story where Todd was a dick. I’ve heard lots of stories about how he is a tough negotiator, but never heard a bad one about Todd the person (this is from hearing stories from people who met him randomly in Toronto or at various conventions throughout the years). I understand that is all anecdotal. No need to go back n forth on this, I feel like we each know where the other one stands on this particular topic. We are all entitled to our own opinions. I’ll be sure to update you, for better or worse, with how my resale goes when my set of figures w/ comics, arrives later this year :crossed_fingers:. :wink:. Cheers, Poyo.

As was I based on the stories I’ve heard and read. So, whats your point again?

I don’t know if Todd is a jerk behind the scenes, I can only judge a person by subtle clues provided. He can be the nicest person in the world when you meet him in public but unless you know them personally out of the public eye, it’s all just a guess. But you still only talk about people meeting him who don’t personally know him… for all we know he’s that guy that kicks puppies when no one is looking…

I’ve heard OJ Simpson is a great guy to be around as well in public… :wink:

My belief is that Todd is using Kickstarter to drum up additional funds for the Spawn movie he’s been trying to get off the ground. I think this is also why he did his CGC signing earlier this year.


How did you make an educated guess on the reasoning behind the banner at the top of recent Spawn books? That, to me, seems like a bit of a stretch. Is there a precedent for Todd putting banners on his Spawn books in order to stroke his perceived ego?

You had better do more research on the Juice. Even though he was a joyous dude to be around in public, it was still well known that he was physically abusing his wife (to the point that he almost literally decapitated her). He was never a ‘good’ guy, despite his best efforts to portray himself as something that he was not.

I like that hypothesis. That would make a ton of sense.

I was referencing if he’s a good guy in private compared to public with the educated guess response, not this but the logo at the top is not marketing, that’s purely to stroke his ego if he continues to put those on the top of the book. Most collectors already know it’s the longest running indie book now after 300… do they really need the banner to remind people? My magic eight ball says… “All Signs Point To No”… Agree or disagree, I don’t give a flying fs$k!! :wink:

That’s why I said that as a joke and example. You’re trying to claim Todd is a great person in private yet you have not provided any proof if he truly is. You don’t know him on a personal level, you’ve only said people have met him in public and going by what they told you, he was nice to them while in public. So was the Juice, he was nice to people in public yet he ended up murdering his ex wife who he was known to abuse (which most people didn’t know until after it was too late).

All I’m saying is, you’re making claims based on a fallacy. He’s nice in public so he must be a really nice guy in private too. That’s all I’m pointing out, and to just mess with you at this point, you’re taking this too seriously. :wink:

And Todd probably is a nice guy in private when he’s not in the public eye but you know, I don’t know this for a fact cause I don’t know him. :wink:

I hesitate to join in on this circle jerk again, but, I can’t help myself … this defense of Mr Todd is indefensible …

He’s screwed over a good portion of the folks he’s worked with and hired … top of the list was Neil Gaiman and Alan Moore … he still owes money to others in the Industry …

I’ll let Mr Todd speak for himself, here are some of his own quotes ;;

“I was very talented, I was a trailblazer, and I was a fsckface and an a$$hole. To me, they’re all the same thing.”

“I’m just a dick.”

Mr Todd is eccentric, outside of the Public he is like a Televangelist promoting his own form of Religion … he is belligerent, must have it his way or no way, he loves to tease about his so-called new Spawn movie, he likes to tout that he is a Director and will Direct the new Spawn movie, although he has never directed a feature film in his life … I don’t know how he is as far as any Conventions over the last few years, however, you used to have to make an appointment to see him and he would be walled up in a curtained enclosure so folks walking by could not see him … and, had Security in place … I could go on …

Yes, I’ve met him outside of the Public Eye …

To his credit, he is an intuitively brilliant businessman and artist …

The Kickstarter campaign is a good example of his business acumen … it’s ironic in the sense that Mr Todd always made a point of pride in saying “I did it all on my own”, well, I guess now it’s OK for the Public at large to foot the tab …

I did not know there was an auto censor …

Heh… Only for a few words… :wink:

Can you see them … ??

I see everything… I edited them with special characters so they come through… :wink:

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