Spawn Universe Covers &Variants

As I’m sure there will be a million, I thought a thread devoted to them would be beneficial.

I’m a huge fan of Gunslinger Spawn and am pleased with this interpretation. A little bit too “slender” imo…but given I love Campbell and the topic, I’ll be buying a few. I can’t wait to see the others.


Is it me or is Gunslinger Spawn sort of posing like a woman? JSC needs to really start branching out again…


Maybe he is just cracking his back :thinking:

It’s not you. Definitely a bit too feminine.
I’m also being picky, but I feel like the angle of that shotgun or rifle on his back is off just enough that we should still see the tip of the barrel (unless it’s sawed off but unlikely lol). Maybe his arm is hiding it…maybe.

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I bet if you pulled that mask off that’s just Mary Jane Gunslinger! :wink:



Thats Sexy Gunslinger lol.


Maybe it’s a sawed off? Who knows.

1:50…$72 -

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Damnn how did spawn universe manage to getaway with no store exclusives :joy:

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Hmm…Todd doesnt like store exclusives for Spawn. But he has no problem with convention variants…

I thought there were some exclusives. I feel better about buying the 1:50 now.