Special Delivery Charizard Promo sign-up

Hi all, here’s the link to sign-up to potentially receive a code to redeem for the Special Delivery Charizard promo card (celebrating pokemon center UK opening). Even though it’s celebrating UK opening, the promo code will work for US and Canada on pokemoncenter.com

Pokémon Special Charizard Card Code Giveaway

Pokemon has only done 2 promotions like this before, special delivery Pikachu and special delivery bidoof - both of these cards are well over $100 now.


Is this for a physical card or an e card?

This is for a physical pokemon card. How it works, you sign up, then they will email out a individual code to the signups. Then when you purchase $20 or more on pokemoncenter.com , you input the code and they send the physical promo card along with your purchase.

People also sold the bidoof codes for a decent chunk, when they distributed those.