Spideman Movie-AMC-NFT

I know nothing about these other than the fact that I can tell you that my youngest son just received his relative to the AMC offer.

He said it’s pack number #487, and NFT #19, a 4 second video clip/symbol with webbing filling it.

So, if you did this offer, be on the lookout for yours.

He doesn’t know much either. If these can be sold…I’m betting he will. Young man trying to get out on his own lol!


I haven’t redeemed mine. I have very little idea on where and how to market NFT’s but I’ve been keeping an eye on feebay to see what the temperature is for this. So far, the few sales appear to be shams. The asking price keeps dropping on these. Being free, I’m happy to take $10 for mine and buy lunch with it, but of course trying to maximize the sale value. Problem is, doesn’t seem like there’s much of a market for it right now. Hope I’m wrong.

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You should be able to get around $300 for one at least

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