Spider-man 258 question

Ive read that this issue is about the black suit being revealed as a symbiote. I was wondering if this is considered a first appearance in any way. Could it be a first symbiote or prenamed venom?

I would consider it a first symbiote. Is it the first Venom though? No, that comes later. Some might argue against that but I think Venom is a combination when they attach themselves to a human or biological organism that brings out the Venom persona… When it attaches to an inanimate object, it’s just a symbiote in my opinion.

I wouldn’t call it 1st Symbiote. If anything, it would be 1st Symbiote reveal. The ‘Symbiote’ made its 1st appearance in Secret Wars #8.
As far as Venom is concerned, in my humble opinion, Venom = Symbiote + Eddie Brock. Even Flash w/ symbiote is known by a slightly different name, that being ‘Agent Venom’.
I think my opinion is fairly rooted in a ‘traditionalist’ view, as the symbiotes origin and behaviour have been retconned a few times.

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Yeah, very true.

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I noticed that the same machine that gave spider-man his black suit also made Thor a cape and helmet. Maybe those items will end up being symbiotes as well.

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Best thing to do is contact one or all of the grading services (CGC, CBCS, PGX) and ask how they would classify it or if they would even classify it as being special.

I did this with Shuma Gorath. I contacted both CGC and CBCS asking what they would consider is first true appearance to be. In Marvel Premiere #5 Shuma’s name is first uttered. In #9 we hear his voice and in issue #10 we actually see him. For a while it was #5 that was indicated but it just didn’t seem right.

Anyway, CGC never got back to me but CBCS did and stated if they ever started to label his first appearance it would be Marvel Premiere #10.

Contact them and see what they say. Couldn’t hurt.

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Great observation, @Salty. Give Donny Cates a call. Im sure he would be all over that info. :joy:

Would make for a cool “What if” comic…I’d buy it. So it could start like this. Shortly after the events of the secret war Thor not feeling right in the newly made cape and helmet removes them and places them in a chest in one of his chambers. They remain there for a time until they are found by Loki who intends to use the items for a scheme that involves setting up his brother by use of a doppleganger. Loki uses his magic and the secret symbiotes to create his lookalike but it goes horribly wrong and leaves 2 magic infused symbiotes to wreak havok throughout the realms.

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Deadpool didn’t show up and mess those heads up ahead of getting used by Thor. Deadpool+Peter Parker+ Eddie Brock in the driver seat = Venom. Venom is a reflection of All 3’s influence.

First Venom is ASM #252. In recent books including Deadpool Back in Black and Symbiote Spider-Man this is proven. The suit was Venom doing Venom things before Eddie Brock ever touched the suit according to previously mentioned recent books. Retconned or not ASM #252 is first Venom unnamed. It’s also worth noting that #252 was released exactly 4 years before #300 on the same day May 10 1984 and #300 May 10 1988 which is kinda coincidently weird.

This is Deadpool’s first time with Venom after Parker removed the suit with the bells pre Eddie Brock.

Sure looks like the same Venom as we know and love after Eddie Brock wears the suit. You could also say this proves Venom didn’t get anything imprinted on him from Eddie Brock or any other normal human that has worn him, but he gets imprinted by people with power like Spideys Web shooter and Deadpool’s regenerative abilities.

And when you go I don’t care about retcons they are BS just remember Donny Cates has retcond the whole story and origin of the symbiotes and that’s what your currently reading and loving in Venom and Silver Surfer Black.

Yeah but 258 actually shows the suit/symbiote separated from peter and its animated through its own will power on the cover no less. So i would argue that 258 is more of a first venom than 252

Alana, with this line of thought one could argue that warlocks first appearance was when he was unnamed and in the caccoon and not after he exits it.