Spider-Man 375 Newsstand CGC 9.8

I can’t find one on eBay active or completed. Anyone have one?

I have one I’m thinking of selling so I’m trying to figure out what to sell it for. Seems fairly rare.

Newsstands were plentiful at that time. I could buy them anywhere and everywhere in my area. However how many survived in high grade? A lot less than the directs for sure.


I’m with you. About 20% of all comics were newsstand back then. But this issue with the gold foil seems hard to find in 9.8. Anyone have one?

There’s 10 newsstands on eBay right now. 8 raw books 1 cgc 9.6 and a cgc 9.8 Australian Newsstand to round it out of over 200 results. All the rest are directs.

I just found this cool article where they share CBCS data on Spider-Man and Hulk newsstands.


For CBCS this book as of 5-11-20 has a breakdown for 9.8 at:

Amazing Spider-Man (Marvel – 1993) #375 Newsstand Edition 9.8 count: 2
Amazing Spider-Man (Marvel – 1993) #375 Direct Edition 9.8 count: 39

How much would you guys list this for?

I’ve been reading that rare comic blog for years. It’s bookmarked on my laptop in fact. It’s a fantastic source, imo.

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I only see 3 copies on eBay right now

I wouldn’t count those numbers as official, and some of the writer claims are false. It’s a nice introduction to modern newsstands though. I forgot exactly what besides the numbers that were being disputed. I recall reading about it on one of the newsstand threads at cgc.

If I remember correctly a few of the highly intelligent collectors on the CGC boards were actually arguing with the articles writer as well about his information.

Another new site I’ve been going to, which was recommended by a fellow board member here has some good articles on newsstands and actually keeps a chart and updates the top 10 biggest newsstand sales weekly. It’s called https://earlyretirementdiary.com/

Aaron, the author of that blog, is the moderator of another small group I participate in. Aaron knows his shit, and he actually reads the books. He is very analytical. And Aaron actually did retire a few months ago, in his late 30s I believe, so, the name of the blog is accurate. :joy:

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The hard facts on Newsstand distribution have always been, and will remain, largely elusive. My point being, pretty much any information on newsstand distribution can, and will be, disputed by someone else. It’s our duty to kinda sift through it all and try and make as accurate of an educated guess as one can. M2c.

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It’s a rare breed of collector that will pay $6000 extra for the same book with a different upc I’m not one of them, if my book is newsstand so be it not my cup of tea. But there is a collector for everything out there.