Spider-Man and Fantastic Four or Teaser for 4th Movie?

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— Marvel Entertainment (@Marvel) June 16, 2019

I think it’s going to be a new team the 4 Spiders Parker, Gwen, Miles, Jessica.

Yeah, I think it’s there to cause confusion but more than likely a Spider-Man comic that probably involves 4 characters.

I wish it meant we are getting Tobey Spiderman 4 film.

On one hand, introducing the FF into the MCU via Spidey makes sense, given the established relationship that Johnny and Pete have in the comics.

Yeah, what is he now… like 55 years old? :wink:

If they did a movie like into the Spiderverse he would be a great cast for older Peter.

spiderman 3 will be a spiderverse movie, they already talk about multiverse in far from home trailers. hope you all got uf4 and eosv2 copies cause when confirmed those books are skyrocketing

Or maybe Spider-Man: Reign?