Spider-man Countdown: What with all the hubbub, bub?

JJ Abrams writing Spider-man? Sure. Yes. Yes!

I realize they stated “new villain”, but this isn’t the bad guy/new villain that has been alluded to/here and there in the newest run is it ? This new villain is apparently called “Cadaverous”, but we haven’t yet been given a name for this current guy.

Just checking to see if I missed something.

I love Pichelli’s art so I’m excited for it regardless.

That was my first thought too. Cadaverous would pretty accurately describe the guy who’s been making appearances in the current ASM run.

By the way, this is going to be a tough one to nail down the first appearance vs. cameo!!!

Im thinking its not going to be the bandage/bug guy who is currently making appearances in ASM. In the interview, JJ states that he ‘cant wait for you to meet him’. That line leads me to believe it will be an all new villian, as we have already met Bandage/bug guy.

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Have we met him though? We’re still referring to him as bandage/bug guy :slight_smile:

He also said they’ve been talking to Marvel about it for a long time… could be anything really though.

I would say we have met him. Hes been in like 8 issues spanning over 1 years worth of stories. He has spoken and interacted with several different characters throughout his lurking. We may not yet be formally introduced, but we have definitely ‘met’ him, imo.