Spider-Man Far From Home End Credits SPOILER!

Nick Fury and Maria Hill are Talos and his wife, Nick Fury is in space with Captain Marvel perhaps the makings of Sword, the Skrulls were taking his place as a favor endcredits scene. JK Simmons reprises his role as JJJ midcredits scene.

Does that mean I should throw my Hulk 418 back up on eBay?

If JK Simmons is JJJ again, does that mean he is the key to linking the Multiverses? Is he the nexus of all realities? :smile:

The answer is yes…as 100 copies have sold on eBay in the past day, I had bumped up my price after reading the OP and it sold…so thanks for the heads up!

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It’s doing well for a pre Captain Marvel dollar binner.