Spider-Man: Far From Home end credits/spoilers

Good evening all.

Just got out of a midnight screening for Far From Home. We’ve seen some potential end credits scenes and rumors thrown around, so I just wanted to let everyone know what we did end up getting:

  • Spider-Man and MJ swing around New York (Peter reveals his identity to her in the film). After landing, a Daily Bugle report pops up. J. Jonah Jameson reveals that Mysterio left behind a message where he frames Spider-Man for all the events that occurred. At the end, it is revealed that Peter Parker is Spider-Man. Scene ends with Spider-Man going WTF! (This is very interesting. Could we see a One More Day/One Moment in Time type of deal where Dr. Strange erases everyone’s minds?)

  • The scene after the credits shows that Nick Fury and Maria Hill are Skrulls (Talos and his wife). Talos contacts Nick Fury to update him on what happened. Nick Fury is in a Skrull spaceship, and we see Skrulls working on various ships and other things.

That’s it. Overall, I enjoyed this movie more than Homecoming. Jake Gyllenhaal is bae.

Did they turn out to be elementals or the classic Molten Man, Hydroman and sand man?


During FFH, when Fury takes Peter to the ‘secret base’ were he first introduced Peter to Mysterio, Peter also meets a character named Dimitri. I believe this to be the character known as Dimitri Smerdyakov, aka The Chameleon. Now, The Chameleon is also the step brother of Kraven. Could we be seeing Kraven the Hunter in a future Spidey flick? I love how subtly these Spidey villains are being introduced. If this Dimitri character is Dimitri Smerdyakov, then we have seen; Vulture, Shocker, Scorpion, Tinkerer, Chameleon, Hydro Man, Molten Man, Sand Man and Mysterio, in just two movies. If you don’t already have your ASM1s, they may be out of reach after this appearance of The Chameleon in the MCU.

It’s no coincidence. Marvel/Disney is smart…laying the foundation for many films and characters.

And ASM has been out of my reach my entire life…so no biggie.

I think introducing Kraven would make an excellent follow up film…