Spider-Man Far from Home Trailer Discussion

Check out the new Spider-Man FFH Trailer. Looks like Mysterio is working for Shield in the beginning. What else did you notice?

I noticed it was gonna be awesome!

Multiverse, you say?

Odds Mysterio is lying versus odds this is a way to get the Fantastic Four and X-Men here?

I agree. I think Marvel’s Feige even said getting X-Men into the current MCU is a headache. I’m sure they got something planned but it’s gonna be a big longer me thinks.

Now, if we can erase all the Fantastic Four movies from our minds and start fresh to introduce Silver Surfer, I’m down for getting Fantastic Four into the MCU but honestly, no longer being a fan of them in the comics with the movies leaving such a bad aftertaste, I can live without them in the MCU as well.

I agree that we can not take the Master of Illusions’ word at face value, @davidbitterbaum . I do not believe there is a multiverse currently in the MCU, as we know it. It would be to early, imo, to have already weaved a way to introduce the FF or XM. I think the Quantum Realm could be used to explain where the FF have been, and perhaps something that happens in the Eternals has reprocussions on mankind that brings about the mutant gene to humanity. For Disney, in this trailer, to just come out and say ‘Multiverse’ is complete misdirection by both Mysterio and Fiege.

I’m ok waiting a little while on a FF movie…I’m trying to a mid grade issue 49…and if plans for a movie was announced now it’d jump into lightspped/hyperspace/ludicrous speed out of my reach…

Anyone see the CBR piece where they speculate that Chameleon could be behind it all?

That would be a nice twist.

This makes me think of the big reveal in, “Iron Man 3,” regarding how the Mandarin wasn’t the Mandarin!

I really want to know what he meant by “the world needs the next Iron Man”

I am guessing this movie will probably setup the stuff we already know about - Black Widow, BP 2 , or Shang-Chi movies

You know, it really makes me sad that Robert Downy is done as Iron Man. He set the bar really high if they ever decide to reboot or introduce a new Tony Stark as Iron Man.


Only if it’s Shuri from Black Panther.

I love Shuri

It is better that Tony Stanks story was completed. I do understand where you are coming from. The story was told. Its better to go out on top then to linger and (probably, eventually) jump the shark. I also believe Downey Jr. will still be around as an AI character, to mentor all future Avengers in the MCU. And I wouldn’t be surprised if we, at some point, get a cameo return of Downey Jr. as IM at some point too, in a big battle or something like that. The possibilities are endless with time travel now a part of the MCU.

There is definitely something mysterious going on in this film that we are not be shown and are being misdirected from. A Chameleon appearance would just add to all the possible misdirection.