Spider-Man Miles Morales coming to PS5

This just in Miles will be getting the game treatment at Sony for the coming PlayStation 5.

Looks pretty damn good

Miles, not in costume, was also in the PS4 Spidey game.

Just showed it to my boys and they are excited…

I need to pick up where I left off with my current Spidey game on PS4. Been hooked on Horizon though. I should have started playing that game two years ago instead of during lockdown… I thought the boy would play it but he plays nothing but Ark.

My oldest just finished the ASM game. He liked it and that’s why he can’t wait to play it. My little one is still playing it. I only started it but didn’t finish. I was addicted to call of duty lol.

My ps4 came with the horizon game as a download. I haven’t played it yet. How good is it?

Another good game is the last of us. It has a resident evil feel to it.

I’ll just say this, as someone who doesn’t get addicted to many video games, I’m scared to start playing cause I know I’ll end up spending the next 6-9 hours playing.

Last Sunday I fired up the game around 4pm, next thing I know it’s 2am… I make the boy mad too cause when he walks through and I’m playing, I tell him how much better the graphics are over his Ark game. :wink:

Lol. Then it’s good. I’ll play it this weekend.

Oh I wish I had more time. I have the Switch and the Xbox but hardly have time to play right now. If I do get a PS5 it will be to play the Spiderman games but to be honest I mostly play retro games these days. Just got the Commodore 64 mini. Brings back memories.

That’s my problem too… most nights after I get what I need done, I want to chill on the couch and zone out but if I start playing, I end up playing way too much.

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Just an update, it was announced that the game will also be available for the PS4. And if you pre-order before Nov. 12. 2020, you can get the into the spider verse Miles Spider Suit. So I’m going to go tomorrow to gamestop and pre-order my copy.

Note: My youngest son was the one who told me about it cuz that was the first thing he showed me when I got home lol.

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Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales Marvel Gamerverse Action Figure Only at GameStop

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