Spoiler Request 3/24/21

Ok CHU peeps,

Let me know what books you would like to see spoilers for.

If there is something specific, please let me know (like new character in Batman)

You can do Batman now. Just post some pages from ASM 253. :smile:

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The Xenonorphs are supposed to have hybridized some humanoid form in the new Aliens #1 would like a look at that.

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i wont be able to hit my LCS until the weekend, spoil away!

Batman Black & White 4

Solicitations allude to

  1. Batman’s new Robin…Gotham Academy’s Maps Mizoguchi?!
  2. a new villain emerges, as seen through the eyes of Batman himself.

The Silver coin #1 by CHIP ZDARSKY. The first issue looks interesting.

@ComicSpec the problem with the Batman Black and White is I think they are all non-canon stories. I did put up the Maps spoilers.

Saw your review. Thanks.

How does one tell if a comic is canon or non-canon?

Read them all… :wink:

It isn’t taking place in the current DCU. For example Maps is Robin. If she makes it over into Batman or detective as Robin it’s canon. If not then no. Also there are a bunch of Future Batman stories that have been in the series.

Read the first. I really enjoyed it. If you like Twilight Zone with a mix of horror like Tales from the Crypt, you’ll definitely like this first issue. I hope the next stories that all tie into this coin keep me entertained.

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