Spoilers 1/2/24

Ok folks, best I can do from home:


Thanks! Anything on the Kid Venom book, guess there was a surprise 1 per store.

There was a surprise cover for issue 1. As for spoilers, the book is a reprint of the backup stories from Death of Venomverse so there was nothing to spoil.

Going to check out Fantastic Four. The solicit sounded interesting…:not sure if there’s a new villain or not.

Batman 141 had a cool foil variant.

Correct, its a reprint of the backup stories from DOV, but I was reading that there may have been some uncut content they were inserting into this reprint with some kind of reveal…but could of been this kind of advertising to sell some books.

Hope you keep feeling better!

Me too @davidbitterbaum thank you sir.

As for the Kid Venom I didn’t hear the same rumor so I didn’t ask for pages from it. Sorry about that. I hadn’t heard of new content being added.

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No problem, thanks as always and hope you feel better!

Thanks man.