Spoilers: 1/30/24

Not a lot to spoil but here is what is going out tonight:

Jinn Dagaal, monster of the month in Hulk 8

New Bullseye in Avengers Twilight #2

Man Thing 2099

More Birthday Suprises for Wolverine in Wolverine 42 (Bring out the gimp)


Duke 2 Spoilers

Duke,’ is on the run from the very government he trusted, investigating secrets that may be More Than Meets The Eye. Now, he’s about to meet the last person any G.I. JOE fan ever expected!

I’m thinking he 2nd print of issue #2 will have Baroness on the cover…


I always loved the baroness.

So getting an early start for next week.

Ultimate Black Panther (if you can find a copy!! :crazy_face:)
Batman 142 (Joker Year 1 - part 1)
Beneath the Trees #3