Spoilers: 10/4/23

Spoilers are kind of lame this week

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Yes, not much exciting out there…might skip the LCS this week.

Didn’t high republic have a bunch of first appearances?

Ooh, forgot about that place book.

I’m back in.

It’s the first recent SW book that I didn’t get. This makes it a solid investment.


Despite a mild interest in the story for GODS, there’s no chance in hell I’m paying $10 for a book because it’s the first issue of a series. It’ll be in a dollar bin in a couple months. Marvel really took the leap with these expensive issues all over the place.


Oh I agree. I think I saved people a ton of money by posting the spoilers.


I thought the book is fine, and its got a ton of pages. Worth the money

The thing about High Republic vol 3, this is it. The last phase.

You gonna spec on the 3rd act of a movie ?

There’s no spec here, regardless of any 1st appearances.

And Star Wars has become a tiresome spec by now…


spec is dead.

Phase 3 of this story, but I believe there is going to be more High Republic content that doesn’t necessarily fit in this 3-phase story.

Doubtful, anything in these comics in spec worthy, though. The dumb card-collector money has left the hobby for now, which is a good thing IMO.

I bought a copy anyway. Might get to reading it. Gotta support the LCS, so might as well grab an interesting book.

Also Interesting was the quality of the cover paper… thicker than typical, but not quite card stock.

I went down the rabbit hole over the summer and plowed through the books and short stories in addition to the comics. I’m digging the story and haven’t thought about the secondary market potential for any of it in a while.

Maybe when the Acolyte premieres I’ll dust off some copies, but I’ve found that a lot of the meaningful stuff is happening in the novels, so that’s where a lot of the attention is focused for the fans following these phases.