Spoilers 12/6/22

Here is this week’s batch of spoilers:

(didn’t get the new Infinity Stone in Thanos Death Notes #1

But here is this week’s

Spoilers: Batman #130 – Failsafe Triumphant – COMICSHEATINGUP


That’s a pretty name she has: Rabble

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I am more I pressed by Batman falling from space and surviving because he used his underwear to shield his face.


I like Zdarsky and that sense of humor of his. Peak “Batman can survive anything” comic booking. :joy: This will definitely elicit some “WTF” chatter at comic shops around the globe.


It’s usually assumed that the mechanism of heating in re-entry is by friction (i.e. viscous drag in the atmosphere). This is the predominant mechanism only at lower altitudes, as air density increases. During the fastest and hottest part of the descent, something different happens.

A re-entering vehicle develops a very energetic pressure wave at its leading surfaces. The energy density is sufficient to cause atmospheric molecules to dissociate, and their component atoms to become ionized. The vehicle thus descends in a superheated shroud of incandescent plasma.

An approximate rule-of-thumb used by heat shield designers for estimating peak shock layer temperature is to assume the air temperature in Kelvin to be equal to the entry speed in meters per second—a mathematical coincidence. For example, a spacecraft entering the atmosphere at 7.8km/s would experience a peak shock layer temperature of 7800 K.

In 2012, Felix Baumgartner jumped from a balloon at about 120,000 ft (38 km). The balloon had negligible speed. Baumgartner’s suit was designed to protect him from the extreme cold at altitude, not the extreme heat of reentry.

I’m trying to understand what would cause a human to “burn up” as they reach a terminal velocity going downward. But it appear that the plasma is actually cause by the speed of the astronaut rotating about the earth (after hanging out in a satellite),

Am I understanding this correctly.

It lost me at “Sad Sak.”


I picked up the graffiti cover for Miles. A cover is in a pull at my other shop. Did anyone notice that the graffiti variant, which is a heavier cardstock cover book, seems to have the cover cardstock used for the first three full sheets of paper? Wonder if they screwed up printing that. Seems odd to use cardstock for 3 sheets, then normal stock for the rest.

Side note. I haven’t read this book yet, but I paged through it quickly. It’s absolutely gorgeous. I can’t remember a Marvel book that looked this good from cover to cover. Hopefully, it’s a good read.


Ordered 2 online. My LCS’s didn’t order any. They got no Ghost Rider 9s too. They seem to be out of the loop. Definitely not keeping up with this forum!


I didn’t get the graffiti variant but noticed that on other copies as well.

A weird printing error?

@D-Rog not sure. I know Vladimir Kamarov was one of the few who fell to earth from “space”. Google pictures of him. Not sure what would happen to a body falling but would think it would be similar.