Spoilers: 5/30/23

Here are the ones for tonight, Sure the big one is already out there but still needed to post it


It really seems like they’re going to turn her into a mutant. I loved the series and the actress who plays her but changing her powers from the comics was a bad idea that I hated.

I still need to watch the show. I’m behind on a lot of stuff.

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I haven’t watched the last episode.

The actress is fantastic and I thoroughly enjoyed the series. Except switching up her powers which I’ll never get over.

I’ll get to it. I just like to watch a lot of trashy reality television and am behind on scripted stuff. I just started, “Peacemaker,” and have watched three episodes. Enjoying it so far!


wasn’t in the spoilers but punishers wife is pregnant with Franks kid, I guess if future punisher writers want to elaborate more on that

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Yeah I saw it. Thought I had captured that panel. And then totally couldn’t find it when I was at home.

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