Spoilers: 7/25/23


Thanks Anthony!

Couple questions for anybody who has read these two;

Cosmic Ghost Rider #5 - solicitations say “one character will undergo a shocking transformation as a new force explodes into the Marvel Universe”. I have been feeling that the girl in the story, Axelle, is going to become important. Anybody read this yet?

X-Men Hellfire Gala - Bleeding Stool is pumped on this one… " Another reason speculators might want to grab a couple of issues of the Hellfire Gala. Because for all sorts of other reasons that I’ll get into tomorrow, this comic will sell out fast. Screamingly fast. Second printing and third printing are being prepared. Somewhere between X-Men #137 and Miracleman #15, no one is prepared for tomorrow’s X-Men Hellfire Gala ." BleedingStool - Hellfire Gala


I didn’t get a chance to look at CGR #5.

X-Men Hellfire Gala, I think it is the return of Kamala Khan.

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Rumor also is Jean Grey is going to die after she professes her love for Wolverine.

Yeah. She’s also on the spoiler cover.

If you’re going to drop Miracleman #15 as a point of comparison, it had better be one hell of a key issue - but I’m assuming that’s just ridiculously overblown hyperbole.

Think of all the people who bought the incentives thinking Wanda, or someone, would be in a new costume inside

OK, I’ve read it. Axelle has apparently turned into a Cosmic Ghost Rider herself. She first appears in #1, transforms in #5.

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I doubt anyone cares.

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As a fan of CGR, I care. I’ll be reading it when I pick up my pull. I’m interested to see how she manages to become a CGR considering she would need to be empowered by both Mephisto and Galactus.

I meant as a spec piece. If you like the book then it matters.

She has headlights on her boobs.

The punisher skull eyes…yeah.


What happened to the original cosmic ghost rider? He still around?

I dropped this book after two issues….figured I’d grab them out of dollar bins when TFAW or someone else had a sale.

His consciousness split so he ended up with 1 CGR that was his anger and one that was Frank, basically. I haven’t read issue 5 yet

#5 Spoiler

Frank was split into a bunch of different CGRs after going through a black hole. His cockamamie idea in #5 is to ram his ship into a Shi’ar ship to create an intense energy reaction and bring all of the separate CGRs back into one. It works but Axelle gets trapped on the ship with them during the explosion and she comes out as a CGR also.

its funny you guys are talking about this issue. I read it and thought it was kinda funny