Spoilers: Amazing Spider-Man #13 - Gold Goblin and a Goblin Cabal

Spoilers for ASM 13 are up, it features the full first of Gold Goblin, but also seems to have a person pulling the strings of the Hobgoblin as well as turning Norman back to his former self.

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So, does this mean Amazing Spider-man vol 1 #14 is worthless now?

No #14 is first appearance of Hallows eve, so will be a good pickup still.

He mentioned volume 1 #14… from the 60s… :wink:

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True true true, I totally just skipped that part. My bad!

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How many copies of #14 are you guys picking up? I love the character design of Hallows Eve but there are just sooooo many store exclusives. The print run will be absurd. I pre-ordered only 1 copy of the Hallows Eve cover.

pre-ordered 20 copies. Even that was a stretch. I have a feeling this book will be discounted by many shops in the future.

Like Venom, maybe… that’s just a maybe one day in the future, maybe 30+ years you might get a decent ROI from buying a few extra copies.

I may have requested/ordered 1 copy. I may pick up a second if I find one as a 9.8 contender.

2 copies. I like the character design a lot

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I got 2 of each of her open order covers.