Spoilers for 4/20/22

Here we go folks, full round up of this week’s spoilers.

Avengers #55, New Serpent Society and a pretty well established character joins the Avengers for the first time.

Robins #6, Jenny Wren’s origin story. Is she the real first Robin?

Hulk #6, we know we get Titan Hulk, but how and how much.


So they killed Titan already?, is that what I’m seeing?
No wonder I’m seeing 1:200’s fs on Insta for $138 shipped.
eBay last 2 days sales $139-$149, 1:25 cheapest $14.95

cates kills almost all of his characters, he cant help it, he’s to emo.

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Hulk readers now getting a taste of Cates venom run. Cates is the definition of a pump and dump.

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You ever consider that he’s just writing stories and at the same time poking fun with speculators who go all in on new characters he kills off just for fun? We can only blame ourselves with our own decisions as comic book speculators are easily predictable… :wink:



Unless the spoilers missed him exploding or a doctor checking his pulse, this is not really much of a “death” scene…

I get headaches that feel like this all the time.


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Also, death means nothing in fictional comic fantasy la la land…

Titan didnt die. His hype did though…


I blame the speculators-not Cates.Since Cates has a track record of hyping new characters- we should all pump the brakes.

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And well, the whole goal of writers and creators in general is to “market” their stuff so people buy it right? I mean, why spend time writing and creating something only to tell people… “Nah, don’t bother buying my stuff, it’s no good!” :wink:

I never said he died. I said he discharged his energy and went back to being Starship Hulk. Not sure where the death thing came from.


@Jim73 first mentioned death. But in his defense it was more of a question.

I think pumpers were hyping it more than anyone. I just grabbed 2 of the spoiler variant (after cover reveal) and called it a day.

I’m not even buying the series. Just reading spoilers.

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I could see Cates trying this crap with the strongest Spider-man in history in a couple of years.Same people would be preodering a bunch of copies. LOL

was it really cates doing the pumping or sites like bleeping cool and spec sites ?

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Yes. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, didn’t Cates relinquish his twitter and other social media feeds to an intern or something?

he came back for 2 days in some long rant about how he is not a cuck

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