Spoilers March 28, 2023


First appearance of Degenerate too alongside Beast Girl from UDP #1. He will be in the team and on the cover.

You put up no spoilers for Warlock #1 this week pretty big first appearance of Eve


Incorrect, it is up now. I had a lot of stuff come up this evening between when I started posting spoilers and when I finished them


Nice first full, Id assume a second print with her on cover but I’ll take a cheap 1:25 of the first print until then.

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I would not buy any Warlock books if she’s not on the cover.

So likely waiting out a 2nd print here.

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She’s on the cover for a couple store exclusives of issue 1, if you count those.

Not counting those. I’m only willing to pay $4-$5.


not counting those either.

if shes not on the 2nd print, the #2 A is prob it. but i like the Noto cover more

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I thought they had cancelled this exclusive. I was going to pick one up but I don’t think it ever went on sale.

That wouldn’t surprise me. I looked around for it. Not to buy it, because hell no, but just out of curiosity. But, I couldn’t find it. I think it was Eastside Comics, but maybe it was cancelled.

This one does exist. I think a few shops shared these, including Sad Lemon. Again, no thanks for me. The A is probably the way to go, unless the 2nd print is amazing. She is on the cover of issue 2.

Yes, the Noto variant looks decent. Open order so why not.

Warlock Rebirth #2 (of 5)
Warlock Rebirth #2 (of 5) (Noto Variant)

The 1:25 still available: Warlock Rebirth #1 (of 5) (25 Copy Cheung Variant)

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Warlock Rebirth #1 (of 5) (100 Copy Ross Timeless Thanos Variant) also available.

At least Thanos is closely tied to Warlock lore…so there’s that.

Still wouldn’t pay half ratio for it.


Some places selling 1:100 different Ross covers for $29.99. Crazy how few 1:100s Tfaw sells since they raised the price from $69.99 to $99.99