Sports Betting / Gambling

Right before football season starts I always put a little cash into my online account. Sometime it’s empty by week 10, sometimes like this year I still have some cash left over. Any other gambler’s out there? If so let’s use this to brag about wins, talk about losses or even better give out some winners.

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Jus signed up for fan duel. Figure I’d give it a shot. CO workers always do good with football.

It can be fun. Just don’t get carried away. I hardly ever bet more than 10 bucks.

I enjoy hockey! The one sport I remotely follow.

I have to imagine betting on hockey is about as risky as betting on baseball. A hot goalie can swing a game around just like a hot pitcher.

I’m an infrequent sports better, mostly because I live in a state where it’s not yet legal. I’m in Iowa from time to time, and when there, I usually place a few tiny bets. Sadly, I did that this past weekend, and discovered that someone had hacked into my Fanduel account Monday AM. So, dealing with that fun stuff now.

Just giving a heads up to not have your first post a link to online gambling places. Have banned two spammers already.

When I started this I forgot that it is not legal in all states. About 3 or 4 times in the last year I’ve gotten emails from Fanduel saying my account has been locked because someone tried to hack it. The last time it happened I didn’t even bother to reset it…because that one is empty. So I just use my Draftkings for now.

Yikes. Well, I’ll keep an eye on it. I bet so infrequently that I hope it’s not an issue. I won four of my six parlays this past weekend in Iowa and am up $350. Another weekend like that, and maybe I turn that into a Swamp Thing 37 9.6. :slight_smile: