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Statistically Pujols had perhaps the best first 10 seasons ever in MLB. 408 HR and a split line of .331/.426/.624. Add 426 doubles to the mix. A WAR of 81.2 . Stunning numbers.


Those numbers are indisputably ‘generational’, in any way you want to define that term.

Amazing! 6 of the 10 years Pujols hit at least 40 HR’s. Now I kind of want to look up Barry Bonds stats, but, in my opinion Bonds doesn’t count because he juiced during his time in San Francisco. Him being a fraud leaves a bitter taste in my mouth because he was the athlete I looked up to as a child. Smh.

Bonds became a HR hitter later in his career. But let’s be honest he was a 7 time MVP and was a sure fire HOF before he started taking PEDs. I think it is ridiculous he isn’t in the Hall. Yes, there was a steroid era so why pretend that only a handful of guys were “cheating”.

I do understand your viewpoint but I have to respectfully disagree. I think it’s awesome that he’s not in the HOF. I don’t condone cheaters, and I feel the exact same way about all the other players that juiced during that era. Just my opinion. It left such a major stain on the game that it was difficult for me to watch baseball for a long time… I didn’t know if what I was watching was real or fake.

So, what percentage of players do you think did NOT take PEDs during that era? From pitchers to hitters I would guess that the majority of the league enhanced themselves. I have no doubt Bagwell juiced, that Ivan Rodriguez did along with other HOFers. You know Ortiz will get in too because he is a good guy. Like I stated before Bonds won a total of 7 MVP awards (lets not forget the 8 Gold Gloves) and he definitely wasn’t juicing in his 90,92 and 93 MVP years. If Bonds wasn’t such an ass to reporters over the years I think he would be in already . He was easily the best player in the game his first 11 years without PEDs . Clemens and Bonds continue to get more votes each year. In 2 years they will both be in and people won t have to debate the topic anymore.

When Barry Bonds would return to ASU to catch a college baseball game he would hide from all the kids who wanted autographs in the dugout so no one could get to him. Might as well be José Canseco charging for autographs another false hero,

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Well, since I am not famous I can’t and won’t judge anyone who doesn’t want to bothered 24/7 for selfies and autos. I can imagine that if people just randomly kept coming up to me like they knew me and felt that I was obligated to sign or take a picture with them I would probably be in jail overnight every once in awhile.

Bonds was great in the early 90s but he clearly juiced, that’s why he’s not in the Hall and likely won’t be for a very long time. He would have made it to the Hall even if he retired after his MVP seasons and then started juicing. He tarnished his own career. He can only blame himself.

I think if any of the juiced players make it though, they should wait until after their death. I don’t think they deserve to get up on the podium and be applauded for cheating…

As for Bagwell, I’m not so sure. He might be one of the good guys. His numbers started to decline and then he retired likely when he knew at the age of 37 that he’s only going to continue to decline.

If I were a baseball player, I would only sign for kids… adults I’d just tell them I’ll be more than happy to shake your hand or snap a pic with you.

I think you would be surprised with the number of guys who are already in the HOF that cheated. Sports breeds cheaters especially with the winning is everything mentality.

But would you still feel that way after 162 games and 15-20 years?!

Oh I have no doubts there are cheaters in the Hall…

I despise cheaters. If I played a sport professionally, I’m the type that would be so strict about making it all natural, to push my body to it’s own limits without some drug… I couldn’t live with myself if I got the highest honor by cheating…

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Yes, sign only for kids… maybe occassionally for adults who clearly are just fans. The guy who walks up with 20 baseballs and 50 8"x10" photos to sign is clearly there to make money… maybe I’d sign after I tell him I get 20% from the sales… :wink:

And after I retire, I stop signing cause I’m basking in my millions on some remote paradise enjoying retirement… for some celebrities, it’s never enough. For me, shoot… give me a million and I’m vanishing… I could live off a million easily for the rest of my life.

And when your spot is on the line and you are getting pushed out be another player? It would be nice if everyone was honest and free of PEDs. With the record number of HRs today and the size of the players, I have no doubt that PEDs are rampant again. But like in the past, this is a period where MLB isn’t pushing testing because the game is struggling to stay afloat and market their stars like the other professional leagues are. Going to suck when someone line Trout gets popped. Can’t say with absolute certainty that it would never happen.

If my spot on the roster was on the line I still wouldn’t use PED’s. I wouldn’t be able to do something that could potentially damage my body someday + I’m a man of integrity. I just can’t do it.

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The worst part about Bonds cheating was that he was a HOF candidate before he bulked up. Same with ARoid. Why take enhancements when you are already pretty damn good and one of the best. Thats narcissism, and not being in the HOF is their punishment for getting caught cheating. Bottom line.

A guy like Bonds probably doesnt give a damn if he is in the HOF. He has numbers and records that will always keep his name relevant. Much like Pete Rose will always be the Hit King. The Hall doesn’t define their legacy good or bad.

Honestly Pete Rose is more Hall worthy than Bonds and those who cheated in my opinion.