Spring 2021 Wave of 3.75 Inch Marvel Legends Figures

5 Points of Articulation in 70s/80s/90s style.

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These are cool.

I like the Black Panther one the best.

No love for Ice Man? Tranclucent blue plastic? It’s like Snake Eyes, just blue.

5 point articulation is no good. They need at least 9 point articulation. Knees and elbows…Im disappointed.

Iceman is like Aquaman… he just kind of sucks.

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You hate all the characters I like.


Except Moon Knight… I think we’re probably the biggest Moon Knight fans here.

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Really cool. I’ll probably pick up the Daredevil.
Dang, I like Aquaman, it appears Black Manta is a member of this board…

Well, who can argue against Moon Knight being cool?

Aquaman falls into the same category as the Flash for me. I really really REALLY REEHEEEHEEEEHHEEEEEALLY want them to be cool because I dig the concept. Then I pick up a book and it’s not what I’m thinking it’s going to be.

I can’t really think of one on the Marvel side but I’m sure there’s one I can’t think of right now.

The Rebirth Aquaman run was good.

I heard Flash Rebirth was good too.

Didn’t read it, actually. Can’t say.

Oooh I thought of it! Man-Thing! I want to love Man Thing because I love Swamp Thing, but it’s not Swamp Thing and it’s not ever what I expect it to be.

Flash Rebirth was pretty entertaining but I started to lose interest around the mid to late issues in the 20s… I kept buying them for some reason up until 40 to 45 or so. Then realized I was likely never going to go back and read them. I think I still have them all. I’ll let them go for a buck each if you want to read them…

I really miss the previous Marvel Universe line. I thought they were fantastic. Very fun to collect and the card art was great. I loved the variety they did. Hated seeing them end.


Oh man I love completely out of context quotes.

Just gonna leave this right here for you

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These are slick. Daredevil packaging looks great.