Spy Island TV Show

Spy Island #1 May see some heat. It is still readily available. According to the things to know about the book from the Oregon Live website:

  1. It’s headed to a screen near you. “We’re working on a television show,” Cain said, adding that she couldn’t elaborate. The comic’s release was intended “to get the intellectual property in the world.” And given that TV was the intellectual parent of the series, putting “Spy Island” on TV makes for a neat circle – or triangle, Cain joked

Thanks, I picked up a copy yesterday. Now I need to find the time to read it.

I picked up three. Midtown has already jacked up their prices. They are seeing above cover on ebay

I’ll have one I preordered from Westfield awhile ago. I suppose I should read it and flip it?

Well played, guy who ordered 100 copies of issue 1 when we had it in a back issue sale!

When was it in a back issue sale?

Sometime during the covid shutdowns. We had issue 1 on sale the original April 1 date.

Damn forgot to hit bag and boards on my order🙈

There’s 3 covers for #1, one being 2nd print

I am going for the skull island cover

I got one of each

All 3 still available. Go with the A for Poyo.

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