Spy Island

I just read the first two issues and thought they were great. I have no clue what it is about but it’s mixing James bond, Lovecraft, humor and espionage perfectly.

Anyone else reading it?

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I picked up a bunch of copies of #1 because it was apparently optioned. Haven’t read it yet.

Read both issues and enjoying the story immensely.
Added the book to my pull list.

Read issue 1 when it originally came out back in March, and just read issue 2 earlier tonight. I’m digging it so far. Kind of a weird mix of things, but it works somehow.

That was my feeling exactly. It is so out there but for some reason it all comes together nicely. Hopefully they can keep it going. I’m a big fan of “different / original” stories.

Sounds interesting , I’ll have to check " SPY ISLAND " out .