Star Wars #19 E.M. Gist Variant

Out Nov. 24, 2021. Not a store variant. Incentive ratio.




@faele I’m game for ordering this one from you…you’re my only hope!!! :slight_smile:

Love Gist…finally a non store variant by him.


I’ll work on it!


What ratio is it? 1:25?

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Love it. Kind of looks like Thanos back there lol

As a Gist fan, I will be looking for this cover. He’s so good.

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What do you guys use to check for ratio variants and what ratio they are?

Basic way is go to websites like and search FOC and sort by title or Highest price you can see most ratio covers there. They will have whatever cover art is available and update as art is revealed. on Friday you can definitely find most cover art revealed.


Thanks, but how do people see covers like this EM Gist one which is way beyond FOC? Previews world doesn’t seem to list the ratio numbers.

You look ahead… the site has FOC up till Oct. U search. Previews u just change the last number on the webpage to see ratios

Ok hope I can explain this coherently… has Nov solicitations out. Not alot of cove reveals yet art work scarce BUT as it gets close you can find ratios this way.

Heres the Nov Star Wara books… only 1 cover available but you see the SKU numbers for each book I circled?

Select the last number in sequence OR in some occasions for multiple covers look for the missing numbers in sequence.

Then in ur browser adjust the numbers the next number is sequential order it ended in 19 so the next would be 20…right? So change it to 20 and press enter

Ta daaaaa you now can see the hidden ratios before listed or posted/shared and you know way ahead of time what you want.

Now some books will have the ratio covers leaked by artist. Websites. Etc before web stores post em. Hopefully you followed this a little buzzed so I might have rambled. But this is how I find every ratio before listed… Tfaw updates art or Beedas sends out there FOC list on Fri.


You’re like a hacker in those movies!

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LoL I try man. Learning as I go along and always willing to share the knowledge

Thanks, that extensive info is awesome! Your rock!

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Black Cape has a good sense of humor with their prices. Or if they are selling for that much, I need to start a website.

They are lucky to sell one variant a week

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I never understood how retailers could make this strategy economically feasible

They don’t actually order the books they put them up for prices that will almost cover their cost to get and if anyone happens to order one pre foc they add it to their order and take the other regular copies and incentives if any for free.