Star Wars #6

Looks like there is a hint that MAYBE Luke will find a new weapon, the yellow lightsaber, after losing his to Vader. There are theories about a green and blue crystal in Rey’s lightsaber, but maybe this yellow saber is linked to Rey’s yellow lightsaber. At the very least it’s a cover with Luke Skywalker wielding a yellow lightsaber :slight_smile:

Rey is fanfiction. the JJ verse is fanfiction. Jk but yes this is most likely them tying yellow saber to Rey. It would be a miracle if they totally pulled a JJTrek 09 and had some crazy event like Palps falling down shaft at end of ROTJ causing a alternate reality that then created the Disney Trilogy and this is why Luke in these movies is so anti-Luke in these movies. Lots of reports of Disney wanting to ignore those 3 films going forward but i dont trust that weird Doomcock dude. makes shit up left and right. But if Mandalorian could remain unscathed by the First Order nonsense, id be thrilled.

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I think one of the Luke toys had an error yellow lightsaber but it was never part of any story just a mix up at the toy company.

Man, the last trilogy was just soooooo…bad. For me anyway. Thank the maker for Rouge One! The Mandalorian gives me hope that other Star Wars shows can be good!

That is correct. I’m not a toy guy but I believe that it’s one of the more popular error figures.

Got himself a yellow Lightsaber and used it immediately.

Yeah, the yellow saber comes from a toy error from back in the time of the original figures. It’s cool how they are taking that and making it canon. Now if they could only make the Thrawn trilogy cannon again…