Star Wars Andor Show

Star Wars’ planet Andor being created in former English quarry for filming in days

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Isn’t it, “Endor”??

Haha… Yes and isn’t it a moon as well?

Ahh…the forest planet of Andor, I remember it well.

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Yes, the Forest Moon of Endor or the Sanctuary Moon. I think they obviously transposed the name of the show, Andor, with the moon, Endor.

Also, I hope Ewan McGregor isn’t in Andor. I think it would be a mistake for him to be jetting all around the galaxy with the rebellion if he’s supposed to be a desert hermit in hiding.


Yea the planet or moon is Endor. The show is Andor.

So the Planet soon to be renamed Endor is named Andor after Cassian Andor?


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Is it one of those British pronunciations and spellings versus the US way?

Disney earnings call today announced that Andor will premiere Quarter 4 2022. I’ll try and refresh some spec picks tomorrow.

Not that it’s spec worthy, but:

Death Troopers first appear in comics in Rogue One 1:

Mud Troopers first appear in Solo 1:


Andor premieres in August


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Teaser trailer


Sweet… I can’t wait! Looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun!

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They had me at the sight of those Republic gunships lol.
Looks really, really good. It’s funny as I was the least excited about it, but it has looking forward to it now.

First 3 episodes come out on September 21st

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I have Star Wars fatigue. I’m tired of all the shows.