Star Wars Auction Listings

I started listing Star Wars books this morning, particularly some Rogue One #1 and Mace Windu #5 Action Figure variants. Some have BIN but most starting out at $1 7-day auctions.

See my Star Wars listings here.

I did have a 1:25 Dodson Variant of Rogue One but someone didn’t want to bid on it and took my BIN price. :slight_smile:


I said some months ago I never messed around with, “Star Wars,” spec as I didn’t feel I knew enough to do a decent job at speccing. Now all this SW stuff is hot and I’m having a little bit of FOMO…

Buy all mine to play catch up… :wink:

If you don’t want to wait 7 days, I have the exact same book (Mace 5) plus the other variants up BIN.


Pfftt… but they might snag at bargain auction prices with mine… :wink:

One sold…time to list another…

I’m keeping the price high for ya, brah.

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Those STAR WARS INSIDERs are also great to pick up and sell… mainly the variants that don’t have all the fonts on the front…

I made the price more appealing for you… did you not see where one of my JTC Mace Windu #5 Action Figures ended at? :wink:

The $237 one? Did that person actually pay you?

Looks like three people put in ridiculous bids last second…and one got burned.

I mean, you sold another for $76 the same day!

Oddly enough, my sale at $99.95 is still the second highest raw sale…what were those three thinking?

Yes and they’re a CHU reader. They didnt think it would go over $150 but put in a max bid much higher to ensure they win it. It went way higher than even I anticipated so I rewarded them with a bunch of extra books :slight_smile:

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Yeah, there are some that play those games…just bid ridiculously high to make sure you win…but if others are doing the same it can backfire…in a big way.

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If you put in the max amount your willing to spend, you never lose, even if you don’t actually win it.


That is the way I do things at real auctions. I don’t even look at the other person or persons bidding. I have a price in my head and stop if it goes over that price.


Hills is where the toys “were”…: